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Sex with Passion: 6 Recipes for Real Intimacy

Passion, like other things in a relationship, fades away with time. But one of the ways to rekindle it is when you experience sex with passion.

Let’s be honest. No matter how long you have been in your present relationship, you will believe with us that bedroom intimacy holds most relationships on the ground.

Passionate sex is one tool that can mediate and create a balance in any relationship. There is no reason to underestimate the power of lovemaking, the stronghold of every relationship.

When there is no passionate lovemaking, the relationship fails. But not to worry, we have prepared easy recipes to help you learn.

It’s time to start enjoying wild passionate sex.

How to Have Sex with Passion

The best recipes for enjoying passionate sex have been outlined below, so you don’t need to go any further.

1. Love Yourself

First things first, love yourself. But note that it is difficult to love yourself when you are needy.

Always be wary of demanding sex just to please yourself. This act will only turn off your partner. Again this is very important, love and value yourself.

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Also, put it behind your mind that having sex with passion isn’t about self-validation, but about expressing love to your partner.

2. Do it Anywhere and Everywhere

It is an ancient tradition to reserve sex only for the bedroom. You don’t need to be stuck in that boring sex life.

If you want to have sex with passion, then you need to be creative and naughty sometimes. Try out new sex locations – the bathroom, the living room, the staircase, the couch, etc.

You can turn your hot tub into a new bed for you and your partner. Do you need to be told about the kitchen? Yes, have it in the kitchen. Spicy!!!

3. Be Spontaneous

An act of spontaneity can go a long way in fueling passion in your sex life. It is boring to have sex when you have to plan and schedule it.

Be Spontaneous. Don’t wait for your partner to make the first move, create room for surprises and spontaneity.

4. Connect on Deeper Emotional Level

In order to connect with your partner on a deeper emotional level, you spend time together in order to understand each other. Every day is a new day, and hence you need to learn about each other in fun ways as every day unfolds.

With passing time, you will get to learn interesting things about your partner that will make you experience what we deem fit compassionate love.

5. The Power of New Positions

Just as with sites and locations, check out your sex positions as well. Like said before, do not stick to traditions. Explore new sexual positions that will make you enjoy passionate lovemaking.

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There is always some degree of excitement when partners try new sex positions. Try reverse cowgirl, dressing mirror, sitting on the throne, and many more positions.

6. Get Kinky and Loud

Do you bite your lips to prevent the moaning from disturbing the neighbors during sex? If your answer is “Yes”, then stop it.

Don’t be embarrassed because you moan like Sharon Stone in the movies, and always be comfortable when with your moans and that of your partner. If you find it difficult to moan, try and learn sex sounds and make your sex life kinky.

That’s a sure way to enjoy sex with a passion that people mostly ignore.


Envisage sex and a cocktail and sex with passion a cocktail with fruits added to it. You sure do enjoy fruity cocktails right?

Sex can even be sweeter if you can classify it as sex with passion.

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