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Sexting Examples: 25 Amazing Text to Arouse your partner

I will show you some perfect sexting examples to spice up your relationship and usher in the sex mood. 

With the examples I will reveal to you, I’m sure You won’t have to wait for your partner to get turned on. Your message can make them wet or bonned immediately. 

Texting your partner in a normal relationship is commonly seen as a way of communication but when it involves words that are suggestive, you are going beyond just communication but turning on the erogenous part of your partner. 

Sexting has been proven as a way of being in a sexual relationship with someone you don’t come in contact with. I can call it the savior of long distance relationships. 

Are these Sexting Examples going to turn my partner on

When you learn the way sexting works you will understand the psychology of humans which gets controlled by mere words. 

People who have been using this kind of communication have testified how it can function as a tool to initiate your partner into the mood of sex, even when they are busy. The power of sexting can be traced to the way sounds on x-rated videos can make the person watching it feel aroused. The texts you read also have power to communicate with the respective nerves to usher in that sexual feeling. 

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Sexting Examples

Sexting Examples

  • You are sexy as hell 
  • I can’t stop thinking of the best way to lick you 
  • I can’t believe I can sex with an angel like you 
  • I’m naked in the shower right now, what will you do to me? 
  • I want you to take off my clothes and give me from the back 
  • I’m wetting my panties right now 
  • Can I just waste my strength on you 
  • You just turned me on
  • I’m boned right now and I want to penetrate something in you 
  • I can’t wait to come over and wound you with hurt sex
  • I want to enter you from behind
  • Are you touching yourself? 

Funny Sexting Examples

Do you want to make sexting fun? Then look at this hilarious sexting examples you should know. They Will make your partner get aroused and also delight them. 

  • I hope you won’t cry if I suck you with my lipstick on
  • Please, chain me to the bed and give me a violent sex
  • I have been dreaming of you giving me sex on top of the table. Baby I just bought a new table 
  • Slap my back please, I wanna feel your sexy palms 
  • I can give you head from now till you won’t come again 
  • I want to punish you with my boned joystick 
  • Baby I want to come right away, hold me
  • You can just spank me so hard
  • What is always on your mind while we have sex
  • Open it let me insert myself inside you 
  • Can you please have sex with me everytime 
  • I’m honey, please penetrate me harder 
  • I’m naked. Are you willing to punish me?
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Frequently asked questions 

Is this Sexting Examples good? 

It will make your partner turned on as you send it to them. 

When should I sex text my partner? 

You can forward the text in the morning or in the evening before bed. 

Can I use sexting for long distance relationships? 

Yes. It will work as a way to Connect with your partner sexually even when they are not present. 


The Sexting Examples I have listed will help you on your next romantic texting. 

Remember that you should only send them to your romantic partner and not strangers. Check out dailygam for more relationship tips. 

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