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Should I Get a Divorce Quiz

Thinking of getting a divorce is one of the toughest decisions to take. Some may say, “should I get a divorce quiz” is not for me. I can perfectly handle the situation. Well, don’t just be too sure.

The most practical disadvantage of getting a divorce is that it brings a sweet relationship to a quit. On the flip side, divorce is usually associated with a lot of challenges such as moving and relocating to a new house, and assuming the role of a breadwinner. Also, you won’t forget about new plans to take off the kids – stuff just gets too complicated.

Take this quiz to find out if divorce is the ultimate based on the situation you find yourself in at the moment.

Question and Answers

1. Do you see your spouse in the future you are trying to build?

    1. Yes, Absolutely
    2. Maybe
    3. No
    4. Not by chance
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2. Who would you tell first when you get promoted at work?

    1. Anyone except my spouse
    2. I will first tell my spouse
    3. My best friend always gets the latest gist first
    4. I prefer to tell my children

3. Do you two often fight?

    1. No
    2. We fight occasionally
    3. It happens once a week
    4. We fight daily

4. Have you experienced any form of cheating in your marriage?

    1. No
    2. No cheating, just flirting
    3. Once or twice I think
    4. Yes, many times

5. What can you say about your marriage?

    1. I have a fulfilling marriage
    2. Everyone commends our perfect marital bliss
    3. People have noticed we are no longer the best of pals
    4. I have been advised to break up severally

6. Do you feel thrilled when your spouse touches you?

    1. Nope, I just feel normal
    2. I get a calm and peaceful feeling
    3. I get goosebumps whenever my sous touch me
    4. I feel indifferent

7. How do you see your marriage as it concerns child-rearing?

    1. My home is not a positive environment for child rearing
    2. I can’t raise my kids in my home
    3. Not safe for the kids
    4. Indifferent

8. Have you ever gotten “get a divorce: advice from your kids?

    1. Never
    2. My kids once told me to get a divorce
    3. Multiple times
    4. They actually advise me to stick to the marriage no matter the storms

9. What’s the opinion of your family and friends concerning your marriage?

    1. They all appreciate our marital relationship
    2. They feel we are perfect for each other
    3. They notice the incompatibility
    4. They had always advised me to break up

10. Do you feel your spouse is being too critical and demanding?

    1. Not really
    2. Yes, sometimes acts weirdly critical and demanding
    3. Seldom
    4. All the time
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11. Do you have any shared goals, projects, or dreams with your spouse?

    1. Not a single
    2. We share a couple of dreams and aspirations
    3. We have very few things concerning the future together
    4. I can’t tell


There are so many signs your marriage will end up in divorce. While divorce can be devastating, it doesn’t bring your world to an end.

So, in case you have gone through this quiz and have yet to find answers, we recommend some counseling sessions.

More to that, love conquers everything. Find ways to treat your spouse with love, care, and affection. This is the most important solution to any marital problem.


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