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Signs your ex is testing you – 7 Important signs to look out for

Signs your ex is testing you will be clear since you have been with them, and understand how they behave. Paherps, you just want to understand the best signal that shows your ex is testing you. 

Your ex can put up some tricks to test you with the expectation that you may want to continue the relationship, or you have dropped some fital things they noticed about you. 

Your ex can design to test you to know if they can be lucky again to put up a reconciliation agenda. This can happen when you move on and they perceive you are actually doing better than you before. 

Common Signs your ex is testing you

Let me show you the most common signs that your ex is testing you. I know you may not feel joyous if you find out that – they are testing you, but it will make you understand the reasons for their actions. 

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Intentionally disregard you 

They may refer to you as worthless just to know how you will react to it.

Your ex can seem less concerned about you but deep down inside their mind, they want you to come back to them. Some ex lovers can use this tactic to check if the feeling you had for them is genuine or not. 

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Your Ex will bring up the good times you both had

Their intention is to know how you will react to it. They will put it up like a question to know whether you really enjoyed those times or not. 

This is one way your ex can test you. If you show disinterest in those old stories, they may make up their minds that you are not ready for a reconciliation. 

Signs your ex is testing you
Signs your ex is testing you

Your Ex will start coming for you for help 

This is a very clear Sign your ex is testing you to know if you have hatred for them. 

They may even have access to those things, but will decide to ask you for it. 

They will become jealous 

Another sign your ex is testing you is that they will become jealous of the people you move with. It shows that they are not actually done with the relationship. However, being jealous could even be an indication that they aren’t happy you are having a good life after the breakup. 

Your ex starts to intentionally offend you 

Their plan is to build up a fight that may bring you back to them. Some exes can be very corny. If you don’t understand these signs, they will capitalize on them to fool your emotions. 

Your ex becomes interested in your achievements 

They would want to know if your breakup with them actually brought good tidings to you. 

Your ex can use this sign to test you with a plan of getting back together if you are now successful. Their question will be centered on whether you have gotten a new job, been promoted in your job, bought a car or traveled to a bigger city. 

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Your ex now stalking you 

This is another sign your ex is testing you. When they stalk you and want to know more about your new life. 

They won’t comment on your social media posts but will be monitoring it every minute. 

You will find your ex taking the same route you normally take just to know one or two things about you. 


There are many Signs your ex is testing you. However, you will understand whether they are really testing you by checking the above signs. 

Your ex had a good time with you even before the breakup. So, they won’t easily forget about you. They don’t mind planning for a comeback if they find out you may accept them again. 

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