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Single ladies phone number: Best way to Connect with girls

Do you want to get a Single ladies phone number? I will show you how to get the phone number of ladies in any part of the world. 

This era of technology has made it possible for connections to happen only when you have the phone number of people. So, it’s important to have the phone number of ladies if you want to connect with them. 

Getting the phone number of ladies can also happen physically if you are bold enough. However, many guys don’t have time to approach ladies on the roadside and some men are just shy. It’s all understandable. I will help you with ways to get the phone number of ladies easily even without leaving your home. 

How to get single ladies phone number

The process is not difficult if you can follow the guidelines as outlined. 

Single ladies phone number
Single ladies phone number

Through events 

Getting a single ladies phone number can be done easily if you are a type that attends events. It can range from wedding reception, birthday parties, disco clubs, and other events that happen in the neighborhood. 

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What you do here is to look for a very beautiful single lady, start a conversation that centers on how the event is going. From there, you can inform her of your interest to meet another time. Ask for her phone number and she will give it to you if your conversation could create a bond. 

Through Social media groups 

This is the most effective way, but it all depends on your type of person. Maybe a fellowship group on facebook or WhatsApp. You can inbox a member and introduce yourself as a member of a group she belongs to. Center your opening conversation on the last thing she posted on the group to avoid looking like a spammer. 

Through church or religious community 

Another way you can get a single ladies phone number is through church which can really be very helpful. It’s easier here since she will see you face to face before giving you her number. 

Through dating sites 

You can get a single ladies phone number through secure dating websites. The process is simple but you have to be careful since you are connecting with a stranger. 

These websites will show you the profile of many ladies in your neighborhood, you will have to message them and wait for a response. 

Getting a single ladies phone may look like tough work but if you can stand up and try, you will love the success. 

Frequently asked questions 

Can I get a single ladies phone number on facebook

Yes, you have to message those who belong to a common group with you. 

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Is it right to ask for a ladies phone number

The correctness is based on your intentions. If it’s just for connections  then it is right, but don’t force someone to give out their number and don’t spam people with messages. 

Can I buy ladies phone numbers

It’s not a good move to buy phone numbers of people. 


Getting a single ladies phone number depends on the reasons behind the quest. If you are looking for love, then you should try going to events since there will be many girls in attendance also. Remember that messaging people who don’t know you will be seen as spamming. Check out other useful relationship information on dailygam

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