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Sugar baby allowance in Abuja – exposing their earnings

Sugar baby allowance in Abuja is the amount of money sugar babies earn monthly in the city of Abuja. 

The sugar daddy relationship reward sugar babies when they give satisfaction and companionship to their rich sugar daddy

Abuja is a rich city where you can’t survive if you have a less paying work or you just don’t earn much 

Sugar babies make around N3 million to N6 million every month. This range is based on many factors that I Will discuss in this write up. 

Looking at this huge figure, you will start asking the kind of service sugar babies provide to sugar daddies to earn this much. 

Well, being there for someone is not a little work and sugar babies even go the extra mile to have intimate relationships with their sugar daddies. 

And this amount is nothing to sugar daddies because most of them are politicians who are too rich and can literally buy anything they want. 

Sugar baby allowance in Abuja is in three payment systems which we found out from seeking arrangement sugar baby allowance calculator. 

  • Monthly sugar baby allowance in Abuja 
  • Weekly sugar baby allowance in Abuja 
  • Sugar baby allowance per visit 

Monthly sugar baby allowance in Abuja

Sugar baby allowance in Abuja
Abuja sugar baby

Sugar babies are paid monthly by their sugar baby based on what they both have agreed on. 

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Abuja Sugar babies earn N3 million to N6 million monthly from their sugar daddy. 

Many sugar babies in Abuja even own heavy businesses; courtesy of their wealthy sugar daddy. 

Sugar daddies in Abuja will want to pay you monthly if he dearly loves you and doesn’t have plans on leaving you. 

Weekly sugar baby allowance in Abuja 

The second payment system sugar daddies use to pay their sugar baby is weekly payment. 

Abuja sugar daddies pay N1 million to their sugar baby in one week. That’s a very huge amount of money when compared to Nigeria minimum wage which is N30,000 per month. 

Sugar babies earn the yearly salary of a commercial bank auditor in a single week. That’s how well these ladies earn from politicians. 

Sugar baby allowance per visit 

In Abuja, sugar babies can opt to get their allowance each day they visit or travel with their sugar daddy. 

Abuja sugar babies earn N300,000 allowance on each visit to their sugar daddy. 

Many sugar daddies prefer this payment system because it allows them to change their sugar baby whenever they feel like. 

Note: Some sugar babies don’t earn up to this quoted amount since they are not dating a very wealthy man or they don’t want to get intimate with their sugar daddy. 

Places that pay high sugar baby allowance in Abuja

If your sugar daddy lives around the areas I will list here, then you will surely earn more than other people. 

  • Asokoro

You don’t need to even think about it. Asokoro hosts many politicians who don’t mind how they spend money. 

  • Maitama

There are many international sugar daddies here. All the diplomats have their buildings in this area. You will also meet Nigerian ex-governors here. 

  • Wuse

Very close to maitama and with the presence of expensive nightclubs, you will earn big here as a sugar baby. 

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Sugar daddies that travel frequently use a weekly system because they may not be around always, and sugar babies also love being paid weekly. 


Sugar baby allowance in Abuja is dependent on how well you treat your sugar daddy and the kind of stuff involved in your relationship. 

Some will earn N6 million in one month while some will even earn less than N500k. so everything is dependent on many factors like location, kind of relationship, and many other things. 

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