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Sugar baby allowance in Canada: how much do they earn?

Sugar baby allowance in Canada is simply that amount of money sugar babies are paid by their sugar daddies in Canada on monthly, weekly or daily basis. 

Sugar babies in Canada earn very well since the sugar daddies we have here are very rich. They don’t mind giving their sugar baby a nice apartment as a gift for being with him. 

Several dating websites have reported that sugar daddies pay $4,500 to their sugar babies each month. This amount can go up or down based on some factors like: location, sugar baby bargain skills, nature of relationship. 

Celebrities that are dating sugar daddies earn even more than this amount. Some of them rake in $10,000 each month. They earn this much for the time they give to their sugar daddy. 

It is important to note that some sugar babies don’t get paid on monthly bases because there are other payment methods. 

Sugar baby allowance methods in Canada

Sugar baby allowance in Canada
Sugar baby in Canada

I will list the payment method sugar daddies use to pay their sugar babies. 

Monthly sugar baby allowance in Canada 

Sugar daddies in Canada mostly decide to reward their sugar baby on monthly bases since they trust each other. 

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Though there is not a definite amount, sugar babies make around $4,500 in one month. Sugar babies in big cities like Toronto earn more than sugar babies in Ottawa. 

There can be a $1,000 difference. so, you should be mindful of the amount of money you expect from your sugar daddy if you are in Ottawa. 

Weekly sugar baby allowance in Canada 

Many sugar daddies in Canada prefer to reward their sugar baby on weekly bases depending on how well he is satisfied with the relationship. 

Sugar babies in Canada earn a whooping $1,500 per month. 

If you decide to go intimate with your sugar daddy. Then you may actually earn more than above range. The allowance is also dependent on the location of your sugar daddy. You can’t get an average sugar daddy and expect him to pay like the wealthy ones. 

Sugar baby allowance per visit in Canada

Most students love this method of allowance. You need to wait for one month or even one week before you receive your allowance. 

Sugar babies who receive allowance per visit revealed that the amount is around $500. 

Some young sugar babies earn less since they don’t intend to have intercouse with their sugar daddy. Just a good chit-chat

How to earn higher Sugar baby allowance in Canada

You earn more money if you try to perform more activities as a sugar baby. Maybe you know how to massage, then there is nothing wrong being a masseuse to your sugar daddy. 

You can go intimate with your sugar daddy to attract higher rewards. 

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You can increase your allowance by getting very rich sugar daddies from big cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa.

Another way to wisely increase your allowance as a sugar baby in Canada is to grow your social media account Followers.


Sugar baby allowance in Canada is not fixed since many factors can affect how much you stand to earn. Ranging from your will to go intimate with your sugar daddy to how rich your sugar daddy is. 

$4,500 is the amount you can ask from your sugar daddy, but you can earn if you play your game very well. 

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