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Sugar baby allowance in Durban – Reward for dating Old Men

Sugar baby allowance in Durban is the amount of money sugar daddies are ready to give their sugar babies at month end. 

This amount can be little as you begin  to date sugar daddies newly, but as you gather experience, your allowance will increase. Sugar dating in Durban can be very lucrative if you can attract a rich sugar daddy. 

Durban Sugar daddies are ready to spend hundreds of thousands on you if you make them happy. You will see ladies who earn much and some other sugar babies who hustle to afford their house rent. 

What is sugar baby allowance in Durban? 

The base sugar baby allowance in Durban is R10,000. 

You could earn more if you are lucky enough to land a very wealthy sugar daddy but otherwise, you may get stuck with just R4,000 which is not enough money for a sugar baby. 

Apart from getting a rich sugar daddy, you must be ready to have an intimate relationship with your sugar daddy if you are of the right age. This particular act can increase your allowance, and you won’t easily lose your sugar daddy. 

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There are sugar baby allowance methods in Durban which determines how much you stand to earn as a sugar daddy in this city. 

While ladies are waiting for the month end before getting paid, others are earning allowance on a daily basis. 

Sugar baby allowance method in Durban 

Sugar baby allowance in Durban
Durban sugar baby

Monthly sugar baby allowance in Durban 

You stand to earn R10,000 every month as a sugar baby in Durban. 

This is a huge amount of money but you should know that some sugar babies earn this much on a weekly basis. However, this is the base allowance for an average sugar baby who dates a Durban sugar daddy. 

Weekly sugar baby allowance in Durban

I will show you weekly sugar baby allowance in Durban. 

Sugar babies who date mostly tourists earn on a weekly basis and their allowance is at around R3,000 which can include other gifts like car and house. 

Girls in Durban are now trying to adapt to sugar dating since it’s more rewarding than those boyfriend relationships which does not profit girls. 

Sugar baby allowance per visit 

Do you know you can earn an allowance every time you pay a visit to your Durban sugar daddy? Yes. This is the best type of allowance for people who don’t like dating for longterm. 

You will earn around R500 each time you visit your sugar daddy. 

This amount can go up if you perform very well for your sugar daddy. 

The amounts mentioned above can differ per person because you will see sugar daddies who are willing to offer even higher than the allowance base and others who will love to bargain with their sugar baby. 

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Frequently asked questions 

How much is a sugar date in Durban? 

If you are a sugar daddy and you want to know How much you will spend on your sugar baby, then you should budget R4,000 every time she will be visiting you. 

How Can I find a rich sugar daddy in Durban

You will connect with many of them on matchmaking websites. 

Where can I find a sugar daddy that gives money? 

Rich neighborhoods like Mt Edgecombe estate, Lalucai, Umhlanga rocks are all good if you need super rich sugar daddies in Durban. 


There have been reports of sugar babies who earn over the allowance I listed above. I will ascribe that to the number of social media followers they may have. People who have lots of followers earn higher because they are seen as influencers. 

You can also imitate them by growing your social media profiles. 

Check out dailygam for more interesting facts about Durban sugar daddies. 

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