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Sugar baby allowance in Norway: How rich are they?

Sugar baby allowance in Norway is the amount of money young girls who date older men earn in Norway. The amount can vary from city to city. However, I will be revealing to you the normal allowance you should expect from your sugar daddy. 

The real earnings of a sugar baby is affected by many things which includes the type of relationship you agreed with your sugar daddy. Sometimes, the sugar daddy will be the one to determine how much he will be willing to pay you. 

How much is sugar baby allowance in Norway? 

Sugar babies in Norway earn $10,000 from their sugar daddy. The amount here can go up if you as a sugar baby is ready to have sex with your sugar daddy. 

Cities of residence can also play an important role in determining how much you will earn from your sugar daddy. 

There are methods that determine the frequency of your earnings. Some sugar babies will earn on a monthly basis and others on a weekly or daily basis. 

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Sugar baby allowance method in Norway

Sugar baby allowance in Norway
Norwegian sugar baby

Monthly sugar baby allowance 

Your sugar daddy can decide to pay you on a monthly basis if he enjoys the relationship. 

They can offer around $10,000 per month. Your society position can influence your allowance since sugar daddies don’t mind paying more if you are well known on social media. 

Weekly sugar baby allowance in Norway 

Tourists flock to Oslo for a two weeks vacation. So, they won’t subscribe to monthly payments since they will be leaving the country sooner. 

You will earn $3,000 every week from your sugar daddy in Norway. 

Sugar baby allowance per visit

One beautiful thing about being a sugar baby in Norway is that you can be getting paid daily. When you plan with your sugar daddy for an allowance per visit, you will earn around $600 each time you pay him a visit. 

If you are a student, he can even help you with tuition fees and house rent. Though you must be ready to work very hard for him. 

How to earn more from your sugar daddy 

You can learn more about what is written here by following what I will show you next. 

  • Have intercause with him: So, you don’t just need to chat with him and expect huge pay. Try to do more by having sex with him. 
  • Travel with him: when he has a business meeting in another country and he invites you to come with him, try and follow him. However, you must make sure he is a real person to avoid being trafficked. 
  • Cook for him: it can be Romantic when you prepare his favorite dish for him. It can be a normal meal like lapskaus, Kjottkaker, Smalahove or Rapeball. 
  • Offer to massage him: it can be Romantic when you offer to give your sugar daddy a very nice massage. This act will make him reward you better. 
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You should note that sugar baby allowance in Norway does not just have to be $10,000 every month. It can go up higher when you do some certain things like increasing your social media followers and becoming popular in the neighborhood. Your negotiation skill also plays a role in determining how much you will be earning. 

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