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Sugar baby allowance in Peru: Revealing their earnings

Sugar baby allowance in Peru is the amount of money they receive from their sugar lover on a monthly or weekly basis. Sugar babies receive a huge allowance in Peru. 

Just like every other work. You get paid in Peru for being a sugar baby to an old rich man. You have to make arrangements with him on how much he is billed to pay you for your time. 

Sugar daddies in other Latin American countries offer better allowance to their sugar babies. However, you get a very sizable allowance in Lima if you are lucky. 

What is Peruvian sugar baby allowance

If you are asking about the allowance of sugar babies in Peru. Then you should note that they are paid 7,400 Peruvian soles every month. This is equivalent to around $1,860 on a monthly basis. 

Peruvian sugar babies earn more than bank employees in who earn less than $1,500 

There is much work attached to this huge amount since no one will literally dash you money for performing no work. 

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Peru sugar baby allowance method

Sugar baby allowance in Peru
Peruvian sugar baby

Not all sugar daddies pay their sugar babies on a monthly basis. The payment method can be affected by multiple factors also. 

  • Monthly sugar baby allowance method 
  • Weekly sugar baby allowance method 
  • Sugar baby allowance per visit

Monthly sugar baby allowance methods 

You should expect your sugar daddy to pay you monthly if he resides in Peru, and has interest in taking the relationship more seriously. 

Sugar daddies release 7,400 soles to their sugar babies monthly. That’s around $1,800. You can earn more if you have billionaire sugar daddy or you have large social media followers. 

Weekly sugar baby allowance method 

Sugar babies can now be paid weekly for their time and service to their sugar daddy. 

They earn around 2,000 soles each week but it can be less if you don’t get intimate with them. 

Weekly payment for sugar babies in Peru is not stable since the relationship style is not popular like it is in the USA. 

Sugar baby allowance per visit 

When you have  a sugar daddy you meet through websites or social media platforms. Make sure you request payment per visit. This is how you will be safe from time wasters. 

Sugar babies can receive 300 to 500 soles per visit. You will get higher when your sugar daddy resides in the rich areas like Lima, Arequipa, Trujillo. 

How are they paid

They get paid based on the agreement they had with their sugar daddy. It is a relationship built on trust and reward. 

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If you perform more work, you will be paid more. If you get intimate with your sugar daddy, then you should expect a bigger allowance. 

How to earn more sugar baby allowance in Peru

  • Don’t be shy to ask your sugar daddy to pay more. 
  • Look for tourists in the Lima region. 
  • Peruvian men love when they are respected. So, respect your sugar daddy. 


You can earn more money from your sugar daddy if you perform your part of the deal very well. Don’t be moody when you are on video call with him. 

You can earn over 7,400 soles when you travel with your sugar daddy for weekend vacation. will give you some information about sugar baby allowance in Peru if you have an International sugar daddy. 

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