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Sugar baby allowance in Poland: Do they earn well?

Sugar baby allowance in Poland is the amount a polish sugar daddy is willing to offer you as a sugar baby. The allowance can come in the form of money or car gifts. 

You can expect your allowance only if you have performed your part of the agreement.

If you didn’t sign an agreement with your sugar daddy. You may need to look at the average allowance a sugar daddy can pay his sugar baby. 

How much is sugar baby allowance in Poland? 

Sugar baby allowance in Poland is around PLN14,000 monthly in the major cities. However, it will be lesser around other cities with less business men and investments. 

You will be earning above the minimum wage if you are a sugar baby in Poland. 

This payment is determined by how rich your sugar daddy is, and the kind relationship you enjoy with him. 

If you don’t have sexual encounter with him, you will be paid around PLN 6,000 monthly as your sugar baby allowance. 

There are methods of sugar baby payment in Poland. Some sugar daddies will not pay you every month but on a weekly basis. Some will even pay you on each day you visit him. 

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Sugar baby allowance methods in Poland 

Sugar baby allowance in Poland
Polish sugar baby

You should take note of these methods as they are very important when negotiating with your sugar daddy. 

  1. Monthly sugar baby allowance 
  2. Weekly sugar baby allowance 
  3. Sugar baby allowance per visit

Monthly sugar baby allowance

Some rich sugar daddies who love you will plan to pay you each month. This payment can include your rent fee for one month, your tuition fee, and other fees he can decide to cover for you. 

You should expect around PLN14,000 each month as your monthly sugar baby allowance. If you didn’t have intimacy with him, then you will get paid PLN6,000. 

Weekly sugar baby allowance

You can expect this method of allowance when your sugar daddy is not a permanent resident of Poland. Paherbs, he is from Germany of America. He will want to pay on a weekly basis since he will not stay for long. Business men who travel often also prefer weekly allowance method. 

Sugar baby allowance per week can be around PLN 3,500

Those sugar babies you see that claim they earn PLN 10,000 in one week must have had sex with their sugar daddy or they are popular on the social media. 

Sugar baby allowance per visit 

Students who use to get sugar daddy mostly agree to payment per visit. They are not full-time sugar babies, so they just want something that can give them quick money. 

You should be expecting PLN 600 each time you visit your sugar daddy. Also note that you can earn more than this amount if you live in urban areas that attract people from America. 

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If you only had a quick online chat with your sugar daddy then you shouldn’t expect much. 

When to ask for money from your sugar daddy

If you have been dating your Sugar daddy for a long time or you have had physical contact, then it’s good to introduce the topic to him. However, you can still ask him how much you will get paid before meeting him personally. When you understand the kind of relationship he wants, then it’s wise for you to tell him the cost immediately. 


Sugar baby allowance in Poland is not static. You will get paid any amount depending on your bargaining style, plus what you are going to offer him.

PLN 14,000 is the average allowance you can get. If you work harder and grow your social media profiles, you will stand a chance of earning more. 

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