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Sugar baby allowance in South Africa: they earn this much?

Sugar baby allowance in South Africa is something you should know before you start your sugar daddy dating journey in South Africa. This content will also help you if you are just inquisitive to know how much those sugar babies make in one month. 

Old men in South Africa who have massive wealth choose to get young beautiful girls that will be keeping them company or even get intimate with them. 

These ladies (sugar babies) will then get paid a certain amount of money in respect to the agreement she had with the sugar daddy. 

The earning of every sugar baby cannot be the same because there are many things sugar daddies consider before paying them for the love and care they provide.

Sugar babies in South Africa earn around R21,000 every month from their sugar daddy. 

This amount can go up if the sugar baby is famous as a celebrity or a social media influencer. 

Some beauty queens and social media influencers who are also sugar babies earn around R30,000 or more.

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Sugar baby allowance methods in South Africa

Sugar baby allowance in South Africa
South Africa sugar baby

There are three methods sugar daddies in South Africa pay sugar babies. Which are:

  • Monthly sugar baby allowance methods 
  • Weekly sugar baby allowance methods 
  • Sugar baby Allowance per visit 

Monthly sugar baby allowance methods 

You can agree with your sugar daddy for a monthly allowance if you plan to make the relationship last for months. 

Sugar babies in South Africa earn around R21,000 per month. They earn other benefits like all paid trips, school fees payment and car gifts. 

Only a few employees in South Africa earn this much. But some sugar babies see this as just handout money from sugar daddies. 

Weekly sugar baby allowance in South Africa

Your sugar daddy can decide to reward you every week if he plans on traveling often or if he is a tourist from another country who just came to have fun for one week. 

Sugar babies in South Africa earn around R7,000 per week from their sugar daddy. 

Some wealthy sugar daddies can even reward you with R15,000 for being with him for just one week. 

Sugar baby allowance per visit in South Africa 

Wealthy sugar daddies don’t want a relationship that will last that much or they just don’t want it to look like it’s a serious thing. 

Sugar babies in South Africa earn R2,000 on each visit to their sugar daddy. The pay can go up if they had intercouse with their sugar daddy. 

The same way it can go down to R500 if the agreement was just to chat with their sugar daddy. 

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There are many other things that make sugar daddies choose to pay their sugar baby for each time she visits. 

How to earn more allowance as a South African sugar baby

  • Get sugar daddy in a rich city (Example: Durban, Cape Town) 
  • Have a big social media followers to give value to yourself 
  • Look well to increase your boldness 
  • Mingle with the rich ladies 
  • Target tourists from USA and Asia 


The allowance of a sugar baby in South Africa is dependent on how she can bargain with her sugar daddy. 

The R21,000 is not static because you have the chance to earn more than that if you agree to go intimate with your sugar daddy.

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