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Sugar mummies in Ghana – How much do they pay

Sugar mummies in Ghana can be referred to as the most generous sugar mummies in Africa because of how they take care of sugar boys.

Allowance or sugar mummy payment is the benefit a sugar boy receives for keeping a sugar mummy company or because of the time he spent chatting with her.

The amount can vary depending on the city and payment system used. However, the average payment a sugar boy receives from sugar mummy in Ghana is around 20,000 Cedis monthly.

Sugar mummies in big cities pay a very high amount of money to their sugar boys who give them what they need.

Ghana sugar mummies have three payment systems as we found out. This allowance system determines what a sugar boy earns for giving satisfaction to a sugar mummy.

Monthly payments system

Sugar boys get paid every month as they perform their obligation to their sugar mummy. 

The monthly payment ranges from 18,000 to 30,000 GHS but it entirely depends on the city.

Big cities in Ghana have sugar mummies that have deep pockets since some of them are rich business women and expatriates.

Weekly payment system

Some sugar mommies are tourists who won’t stay long in Ghana, so they schedule to pay sugar boys weekly. 

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Sugar boys can receive around 5,000 GHS weekly from sugar mommas in Ghana.

Weekly payment seems very plausible as the sugar mummy can easily decide to turn the sugar boy off when he is not performing very well.

Daily allowance

The most popular payment system is the daily allowance. Sugar mummies don’t have to wait for days or weeks before they can appreciate their sugar boy with a good monetary gift. 

Sugar boys can receive around 1,000 GHS in one day from their sugar mummy in Ghana. However, it is important to note that some cities pay more than 1,000 GHS while some pay even less.

Young Sugar boys that need urgent financial support look for sugar mummies that can agree to be paying daily and not weekly or monthly.

Sugar mummies in Ghana

Sugar mummy payment by City 

Payment also depends on the city you live-in. big cities that receive many investors tend to have sugar mummies that pay more than others.


Sugar mummies in Accra pay 30,000 ghs monthly. It is expected because Accra is the capital city with a great inflow of tourists and rich sugar mummies. 

Having enough sugar mummies means that you can have more options to select the most lovely and beautifully well paying sugar mummy for yourself.


The city has a very diverse kind of people who look out for fun while some of them are just for business.

Sugar mummies pay around 25,000 ghs to sugar Boys in kumasi.


Though you won’t get a small pay here as a sugar boy, it will not be equal to what sugar boys from the two mentioned cities receive. 

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You can go home with 18,000 GHS monthly as a sugar boy in Tamale.

Since the city has humble sugar mummies who care very well for boys, it Will be worth it to have a sugar mummy in Tamale. 


Sugar mummies in Ghana pay different amounts of money to their sugar boys depending on the city and the payment system involved. 

Generally, you will earn around 20,000 to 30,000 Cedis from sugar mummies in Ghana.

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