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Sugar mummies in the Philippines – City with the highest number

Sugar mummies in the Philippines can be found in every corner but some cities and towns are proud to have the highest number of rich sugar mummies.

Sugar mummies are rich and elite old women who need a good life, care, companionship and intimate relationships from young and strong men in exchange for money.

So, you just need to be in a relationship with sugar mummies in the Philippines and they will be paying you monthly, weekly or daily.

You will need to reach an agreement with your sugar mummy on what they can expect from you.

Another agreement is what she will have to pay you every month or you can just move on with the relationship and she pays you whatever she likes.

Cities with the highest number of rich sugar mummies in Philippines

Sugar mummies in the Philippines
Sugar mummies in the Philippines


There is no part of Manila that won’t see rich sugar mummies who need strong sugar boys urgently. 

The above mentioned city is the most populated in the whole of the Philippines.

Many tourists visit this city, and when their number is added to the indigenous people here, Manila will be crowded.

Sugar mummies in Manila pay over PHP 60,000 to their sugar boys.

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Quezon City

Now, the second richest city in the Philippines. first in over 27years after it was overtaken by Makati city. 

Quezon is Housing the biggest school in the whole of the Philippines makes this city notable in the country.

Students from different countries who come here to study add to the high number of sugar mummies in Quezon.

Most sugar boys claim they use the money they make from sugar mummies in this city to finance their education and support their living expenses.

Makati City

Maybe you are expecting this beautiful city to come first as the city with the highest number of sugar mummies, but no. 

Though Makati is the richest city in the Philippines, With very tall skyscrapers and a booming business ecosystem.

There are thousands of rich sugar mummies here that own businesses or are just business managers.

The busy work life in Makati city makes the ladies seek for sugar boys who will give them love and care without those dramas from conventional relationships.


Sugar mummies in this city are very high and the number keeps on increasing every year.

Thanks to the yearly Sinulog festival that sees many sugar mummies from other countries converge here which boost the number of rich sugar mummies in Ceba.

A wonderful city to visit and enjoy your stay with sites on different cultures and parties.

The beautiful culture here attracts sugar mummies from other provinces to visit this city. 

Pasig City

They are among the richest cities in the Philippines with many mega businesses.

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There are also many sugar mummies who reside here and they are mostly very beautiful and wealthy. 


The city with the highest number of rich sugar mummies in the Philippines is Manila city followed by quezon City, Makati city, Ceba and Pasig City. 

You can find many wealthy sugar mummies when you visit these cities.

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