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Sugar mummy allowance in brazil: are they the best paid?

Sugar mummy allowance in Brazil is the amount of money you stand to earn from your rich sugar daddy in brazil. This amount can vary depending on many factors I will show you in this article. 

Sugar daddies in Brazil look for beautiful sugar babies that can be in a relationship with them, and in return, reward those ladies with money and other gifts. 

Sugar baby allowance in Brazil stands at around $2,000 to $4,000 depending on your location and the kind of agreement you had with your sugar daddy. 

You can have a sugar daddy that even pays less than $1,000 if he is residing in a poor neighborhood or he isn’t too rich to pay more. However, something that is certain is that you will earn more than the $230 minimum wage if you are a sugar baby in brazil. 

Sugar baby allowance methods 

Sugar mummy allowance in brazil
Brazilian sugar baby

There are three payment methods sugar daddies use to reward sugar babies in brazil.

  • Monthly sugar baby allowance in brazil 
  • Weekly sugar baby allowance in brazil
  • Sugar baby allowance per visit 

Monthly sugar baby allowance in brazil 

Sugar babies in Brazil earn around $2,000 to $4,000 monthly from their sugar daddies. 

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They earn for the service and their time they give to sugar daddies. Many sugar babies in Brazil even have intimate relationships with their sugar daddies. 

Intimate relationships are not a strange thing in Brazil with the way even young girls don’t mind dating any type of man just for the money. 

The sugar daddies that pay very well are tourists from neighboring countries who visit to enjoy nice beaches in brazil. Wise sugar babies target those tourists that have deep pockets to spend on sugar babies. 

Weekly sugar baby allowance in Brazil

Some sugar babies don’t subscribe to monthly payment methods because they don’t want the relationship to last longer. 

Sugar daddies in Brazil pay sugar babies $600 to $900 every week. 

But if you agree not to go intimate with your sugar daddy then you will probably earn less than the above amount. 

Sugar baby allowance per visit 

This is the most popular method young ladies in brazil get paid by their sugar daddies. 

Sugar babies earn around $200 to $300 from their sugar daddy on each visit. The visit can be to accompany your sugar daddy to a meeting or to hangout with him in the hotel all day. 

Tourists love paying Brazilian sugar babies on each visit which even the sugar babies love since it guarantees they will have money to spend everyday. 

How to earn more allowance from your sugar daddy 

Prepare a nice dish for him

That’s if he welcomes the idea. Some men do find it Romantic seeing their lady prepare a nice meal for them. 

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You may prepare some nice food like: Coxinhas, Beijinho de coco, pão de queijo, bauru.

Look for sugar daddy at rich state 

It can be very boring if you keep getting sugar daddies that only want to dash you $100 after spending the time with him. 

If you relocate or search for sugar daddies around rich suburbs, you will stand to get good rewards. You may even get business connections that will transform your life.


We Found out that sugar babies in Brazil earn very well . At least you are paid 8x above the minimum wage but you should note that this payment depends on what you will be doing with your sugar daddy.

Some requests from sugar daddies can be risky. so, be careful and try to be safe always. 

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