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Sugar mummy dating scams: How to avoid it at all cost

Sugar mummy dating scams is a challenge young men who hope to date sugar mummies face because of many dishonest elements who pose as potential sugar mummies but in real sense are looking for people to rip-off their money.

The issue of sugar mummy scams goes both ways as even the real sugar mummies who are looking for love, care, good time and nice intimacy are getting scammed in the process of searching for happiness.

In the post, I will discuss sugar mummy scams and how to use smart techniques to avoid them. The steps I will list in this article will help you become wiser and pinpoint any person or entity posing as a sugar mummy just to waste your time or defraud you of your time and money.

Smart ways to avoid sugar mummy scams

No need to get cold feet again as we will outline the smart-guy ways to keep fake and dubious sugar mummies far away from your life and only get to interact with the rich and real ones. 

Use secured dating apps

Sugar mummy dating scams

This is not just a smart move to get yourself far away from scammers but something you must put into practice when starting your journey to date a sugar mummy. 

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There are thousands of dating apps these days with all of them claiming to be very secure and only have real people, but that’s not true.

Some of them just have a very loose security system to detect these fraudulent people that pose as sugar mummies. Some of these apps even sell your data to scammers who creep into your life to defraud you.

So, while choosing websites or apps to find sugar mummies, do these to be safe:

  • look for those that have good history
  • look for apps with good verification process
  • look for apps that will not ask of your bank account details for registration 
  • Ask trusted friends to help you with websites they have been using 
  • Check app reviews before downloading them. 

Video call them in different ours 

Sugar mummy dating scams

This is a move that will let you know that you are about to date a real sugar mummy and not a fraudulent person. 

Requesting for a FaceTime is not rude since even a real sugar mummy will be happy to have a video call with her sugar baby.

But in case they reject multiple video chat requests or block cameras during FaceTime, then you should know that they may be fake and you have to look for another sugar mummy.

Resist sending nudes to strangers

Sugar mummy dating scams

You can do this if you are in a relationship with someone you trust but when it comes to sending nudes to everyone that requests it just to please them then you should stop it. 

People who are not real can use these nudes to blackmail you with the expectation of getting money from you.

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So, unless they are real sugar mummies you may have met physically, don’t send nudes! 

Look for sugar mummies around you.

Sugar mummy dating scams

When you try to look for sugar mummies in a far away state or city, then you can be setting yourself up to become a prey for these dubious entities. 

If the sugar mummy you get matched with is living within your city, you can have a physical date to verify that you are really dating a real person and not someone with evil intentions.


You must decide to take charge of your game by following these tips to avoid sugar mummy dating scams which are rampant these days. 

Be confident with your interactions with a sugar mummy and have no atom of desperation. Then you will not fall victim. Remember to check other contents on sugar mummy and sugar daddy on dailygam

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