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Sugar mummy in Dubai: Strange facts and How to get them

Sugar mummy in Dubai has increased with the number of tourists that troop into that country everyday. You must be looking for how to get them or even know some facts about them. I will expose some strange facts about Dubai sugar mummies that nobody will want to tell you. 

They are rich, so this is not even news. You don’t need to worry about money again if you could land a Dubai sugar mummy. All your work is to satisfy her according to her demands. 

Who is a sugar mummy in Dubai? 

They are older ladies from the age of 35 to 60 who look for young men who can be in a relationship with them. They will in-turn pay those lucky men handsomely. Dubai is a rich state, so the relationship style is very popular among Arab ladies and Indian ladies. Their target is mostly African men who can be loyal. They also love Italian men as their sugar boys.

One thing you must know about dating a Dubai sugar mummy is that she will discard you anytime. Well, this can happen if you fail to strike love between the both of you. 

You should be ready to do nasty things if you want to make big money from Dubai sugar mummy. The risk can be less damaging but you will smile at the bank afterwards. 

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How to get a sugar mummy in Dubai

Dubai is a very big part of the UAE. Their main source of revenue is Oil & gas plus tourism which is even trying to overtake oil. 

Sugar mummy in Dubai
Dubai sugar mummy

To get a sugar momma in Dubai, you must possess some manly characteristics which include bulgy muscles, strong body physique and respect. Now, let me outline how to get rich sugar mummies in Dubai. 

Hotels and bars

It shouldn’t look strange to you that I mentioned hotels. They are a perfect place to meet people who come to rest after work days. Indian and American sugar mummies who arrive at Dubai will first lodge in a five star hotel before moving to any other place. So, if you can position yourself in those hotels and probably greet them, then you will meet someone that will love you. 

Through agency 

Dubai sugar mummy connection can sometimes look like a cult where you must belong–to see success. That’s because those rich women may never cross paths with you, so they give the work to agents who scout young men for them. 

You have to get connected with an agent that can help you find a sugar momma in Dubai. If you ask normal work agents, they will then direct you to those who can help you in that regard. 

Be informed that those agents do charge money for their services, sometimes they will demand a certain percentage from what you earn from your sugar mummy. 

Through websites 

Dubai sugar mummy haunting takes a new turn when you want to try out matchmaking websites. You will be exposed to many rich sugar mummies but communication can be a barrier if you don’t speak Arabic. 

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Frequently asked questions 

Is sugar mummy legal in Dubai

Since it’s not sex slavery then you are free to try it. 

How can I get Dubai sugar mummy

You can get them on dating websites or you try looking for sugar mummy agents in Dubai. 

Can I make money from Dubai sugar mummies? 

You will earn an allowance for dating a sugar mummy in Dubai. You will need to discuss with your sugar lover to know how much you will be earning from her. 


Sugar mummies in Dubai are those old women who don’t mind being in a relationship with younger men. Some of them have lost their husbands while some just love the extramarital dating style. Check out dailygam for more information about Dubai sugar mummies. 

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