Trinidad Valentin Biography, Career, Contact Details, and Awards

Trinidad Valentin is a well-known American public figure. She is a well-known American model who was born there. She is more well-known, however, for being Saweetie’s mother.

A well-known American musician is Saweetie. Her mother Trinidad is also well-known for her name and is a highly regarded music performer. Saweetie was born in Trinidad while she was just 17 years old, making her an extremely young mother.

Trinidad Valentine was born in the United States of America in 1996. She is reportedly a native of the Central Valley of California, in the United States.

She is 44 years old as of the year of her birth. Trinidad Valentin is her real name, and she is of Asian descent. Despite having American citizenship, she is of Filipino and Chinese ancestry.

Quick Facts

  • Born: 1976
  • Place of birth: Central Valley, California, USA
  • Occupation: Model
  • Sun sign: cancer
  • Marital status: married to Johnny harper
  • Children: 3
  • Education: not known
  • Country of origin: Filipina-Chinese
  • Net worth: Not known

Trinidad Valentin Education

There isn’t a lot of information online concerning Trinidad’s educational system. It is assumed that she is a school dropout because she had her first child at the age of 17, but that is only speculation. Saweetie and Trinidad themselves have never talked much about Trinidad’s education.

Trinidad Valentin career

Her daughter has a tastefully written Wikipedia entry. Early on, Valentin worked as a model for music videos. In a scene from The Icy Life in 2020, Saweetie made a revelation regarding her mother.

According to Saweetie, her mother has always been a fan of video and enjoys using cameras as well. She claimed that her mother was a video guru. In the middle of the 2000s, Trinidad had attended the music sessions of some of the hip-most jump’s prominent figures.

She did a fantastic job of including DMX’s and Ride With Me by Nelly. Trinidad was once a model for American companies. Trinidad Valentin disclosed in a YouTube video that she had previously worked as a video model.

In her teen years, she worked as a web model and made appearances in songs by Nelly and DMX, including Ride Wit Me. Apart from her professional endeavors, Trinidad is best known as Saweetie’s mother.

She credits her daughter with giving her a lot of notoriety, and she claims to be pleased when people refer to her as Saweetie’s mother. Saweetie is Valentin’s kid, and she loves her so much that she makes a special mention of her in the 2017 song “High Maintenance.”

Trinidad Valentin Net Worth

Although Trinidad Valentin was formerly an American model, she is more known as Saweetie’s mother. Although her actual income source and net worth are still unknown, she is presumed to be leading a luxurious life.

Her husband, a professional footballer, and her daughter, a very well-known musician, are credited with providing the most of her money. The model put a lot of effort into her early years. What is the value of Valentin?

Her current estimated net worth is $900,000. She has amassed a fortune by attending events and endorsing brands.

Notable Movies

  • West side story
  • Ahazam! Fury of the God

Contact details of Trinidad Valentin

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Saweetie a Trinidadian?

She was born to a Filipina and Chinese mother, Trinidad Valentin, and an African-American father Johny Harper.

Who is Saweetie mom?

Saweetie’s mom goes by the name Trinidad Valentin.

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