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Turn offs – Clear Signs The Relationship will not Work

Noticing some Turn offs in the life of your partner can be demotivating in moving the relationship forward. Nothing feels even worse than noticing these turn offs the first time you are meeting him or her. 

Turn offs for men are not the same with women, but there’s some relative resemblance when people reveal what turns them off when they meet a new person. 

What are turn offs? 

They are simply those odd things you notice immediately when you meet a potential partner. It can be his loudmouth aspect, her rudeness, and many others bad impressions I will reveal to you. 

People from different climes open up about their turn offs, and we found out that it differs from age, to race, to gender, to educational background. What I see as a turn off might even be turned-on for another person. 

Let’s see some notable aspects people reveal that it turns them off at meeting a new partner. 

Common turn offs 

Turn offs
Turn offs

Being ignored and unnoticed

When you meet a partner for the first time and they behave like they never knew you. Men who date ladies online can do these things to girls they meet on the internet. 

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People who are in a relationship for a long time can still experience this kind of attitude. They will be good to you for some months, and change overnight without a fight. You must treat this as a major turn off because he or she may have started seeing another person. 

Bad Oral hygiene

Let’s not give it a posh name, it’s simply called bad and ugly breath. Yes, no one will be comfortable seating beside someone that has a dangerous smell oozing out from their mouth. 

Some guys love eating garlic, and even raw onions. After eating those things, they will not mind brushing up very well before meeting someone’s daughter. 


Well, people do see it as a lifestyle, but many who don’t like it will see it as a turn off when they meet a new partner. 

No respect for privacy

It can be a major turn off when people’s privacy is not respected. Meeting someone for the first time and they just want to know everything about you that first day. 

Some of them will even ask for their partner’s phone-lock password. 

Poor body hygiene 

Surprising, but people still sniff their panties to know if it’s smelling before washing it. It becomes more dangerous when their body looks very dirty. Armpit hair is bushy and smells. This is the biggest turn off that people have complained of. 

Don’t care for partner’s opinions 

They don’t mind what you have to say, their interest is to continue talking until the date is over. Even when you try to chip in your thoughts, they will override it with their loud voice. 

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Bad with Romance 

Some people see Romance as a battle while others see it as a boring thing. It is a turn off when you meet someone for the first time, and they can’t try to initiate a good romance to create the needed atmosphere for sex. 

Overly Rude

This is one clear sign of turn offs as you can’t live with someone when they portray excessive rudeness towards people. Maybe they treat you very well but shouting and insulting other people is not a good sign. 


The negative attitude of your partner can kill the love you had for them. Turn offs are in many ways that you can’t pinpoint what will turn someone off or on. Some things that people praise as good manners can be disgusting to another person. That’s how complicated humans are. Remember to check out more interesting facts about relationships on dailygam

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