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Unexplainable Connection with someone: Signs to Watch out for

Do you feel Unexplainable Connection with someone you never knew? Or you just feel connected to someone without knowing the real reason for this beautiful connection, and emotional attachment. 

It can happen when you are meeting someone for the first time, and you begin to feel Unexplainable Connection with them. You must get confused since you can’t tell if it’s just a normal likeness or the feeling is spiritual. 

I will be revealing to you the causes of these kinds of feelings

What does it mean to have Unexplainable Connection with someone?

It means that you find complete fulfillment being with them. They have the features that compliment your life and bring completeness to places you are lacking. They are the kind of person you have been dreaming to have a connection with, and they eventually come in contact with you. So, this strange Unexplainable Connection sparks up. 

Do they also have the same Unexplainable Connection with me? 

There can be one sided feeling which hurts very well. But I will teach you one important thing about Unexplainable Connection with someone. 

While you can have this feeling by yourself alone with the other person not even aware of your feelings. There’s also a case where the other will also have the same spark as you. 

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You can go further to initiate a real contact with them to know if they feel the same way. However, if you don’t have access to that person, just manage your feelings carefully. 

Signs you have an Unexplainable Connection with someone 

Unexplainable Connection with someone
Unexplainable Connection with someone

Maybe you are even confused, and have no clue if you really have the true Unexplainable Connection. I will show you some common signs to look out for when you feel butterflies in your belly. 

You didn’t plan the feelings 

Maybe you have been making plans to only fall for a person with certain descriptions, but you suddenly started having deep connection to someone who doesn’t possess those standards. It is a clear sign of explainable feelings since you can not comprehend how it happened. 

You are not afraid telling them the truth 

You will feel popped with enough energy to share your feelings with them. Your main aim here is to look good to them. It’s a sign that you now have Unexplainable Connection with someone since you are now hustling to position yourself in a good light. 

You don’t mind spending the whole day with them 

You will stop counting time when you are conversing with them. It shows that they are completely connected to you. 

The phone call you don’t like having with regular people is now lasting for hours as you are talking with them, and you don’t even plan on stopping. 

You now see them as teachers 

It can be funny but you will notice it easily. You will see yourself liking to follow their lead, and asking them for direction is now very easy for you. 

Sometimes, you will notice that you just start laughing like them, positioning your mouth like them, and liking what they love. That’s the sign you have Unexplainable Connection with someone like that. 

You begin to share your secrets with them 

You don’t even want to hear about any precautions again. You are exposing your whole self to them with utmost honesty. 

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There will be little to no hesitation on allowing them into your private life. 

What to do when you have Unexplainable Connection with someone 

You are a person who must have his or her own Power over their life. You need to follow these steps to work on yourself when you notice signs of Unexplainable connections. 

Understand what you are feeling: you must ask yourself questions to know if your feelings are just because of money, beauty, shape, intellect? 

Find out if it’s a one-sided feeling: good feelings are nice, but if they are only felt by you, then you should try to cut them off, or pursue them to have the same connection. 

Try it with time: it will be revealed to you if it’s a profitable connection if you give it time to manifest. 

Confide with someone: don’t be afraid to tell people around you so they can have their input. At first, their advice will not make sense but you will value it later. So, remember to tell friends your feelings towards someone. 


Unexplainable Connection with someone is not bad if you can tell that it’s healthy. However, if it’s something that will give you sleepless nights and later leave you broken, then you must learn to let go. 

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