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What is a Womanizer’s Weakness? 6 Cons of Being One

In this life, you must have met a womanizer or dated one. Simply put, a womanizer is any male that engages in casual relationships. But what is a womanizer’s weakness?

While womanizers think they are smart and hence engage in many relationships, with none being a serious one, there are of course cons to that kind of lifestyle.

Read along as we show you the cons of being a womanizer. This will help you change your lifestyle if you are one.

What is a Womanizer’s Weakness?

The most notable weakness a womanizer would have is a lack of love for self. In most cases, people womanize in order to forget things that have hurt them in the past.

In special ways, the womanizer feels that the act of womanizing will make them feel better and ease up. Note however that, when talking about a womanizer’s weakness, there may be variations based on individuals.

 6 Cons of a Womanizer

The following are the 6 important cons of a womanizer.

1. Emotional Immaturity

One thing womanizers don’t take into consideration is the fact that playing mind games with ladies shows how immature they are.

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It is typical of a mature gentleman to date ladies with purpose and conscience. Anything aside this means that the person in question is still an emotional baby trying to grow.

2. Letting Insecurities Control You

Everybody experiences insecurities at one point in their lifetime. But letting the insecurities control you mean that you are not strong to overcome them.

This is the typical case of a womanizer – insecurity controls them as opposed to them controlling insecurity. This may be some of the reasons they may just decide to hurt someone else intentionally.

3. Trauma of Pain

This is another aspect of what is a womanizer’s weakness. They tend to exhibit pain or trauma as a result of past experiences which have not been resolved yet.

What they do is use women as a way to let go of such pain and trauma.

4. Irresponsibility 

A good sign of a womanizer is irresponsibility. Womanizers who have been in the game for a long usually find it difficult to apologize for the wrongs they have done so many women.

They do this and they don’t feel anything wrong with it.

5. Womanizing is a Fulfillment Thief

Gentlemen go into relationships in order to fulfill their purpose; hence, they look for a woman that complements their well-being.

This, however, does not hold true of womanizers.

A womanizer remains empty even after pursuing a lot of women in life. It’s only a matter of time before the womanizer starts feeling empty. What you get as a womanizer is nothing but superficial joy.

6. Delayed Healing

The truth about most people who go about womanizing is that they are in pain. Sadly, womanizing does not quench such pay but rather suppresses it.

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By suppressing the pain, womanizers delay their healing process. This is a great advantage that may go a long way in affecting the womanizer’s entire life and not only his relationships.


Are you a womanizer and want to change? Then consider the above-listed cons and any other possible disadvantages to your select kind of lifestyle. Work on those aspects of your life that made you a player.

If you have been a victim of womanizing, reason with the womanizer and see how you both can work towards healing him. You can actually make a womanizer turn into an amazing lover and gentleman.

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