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What’s your red flag and what are the notable red flags?

What’s your red flag and how do you know this relationship is not going to be that kind of love story you have dreamt about? Well, there are many people who have the same dreams but they never had good love affairs to share.

The things many people do after experiencing a bad relationship is to pin it down and create a boundary which will influence other times they will be trying to find love.

In many cases we don’t look inwards but just point Fingers on others as the reason the relationship didn’t work as planned. 

Is the red flag the same for everyone

Since people are different. It is so easy to answer that everyone will eventually have different trigger points. Ladies have different red flags to men. But they revolve towards some common points. You will understand better when I start listing types of common red flags. 

There are online personality tests that will try to predict your red flag, but it’s just a stepping stone since people change by time based on life experience. 

What’s your red flag in finding love? 

People regard different things as a potential turnoff but I will show you the most popular and prominent ones. You will find out that other people also have the same boundaries you have drawn. 

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Types of red flags 

What's your red flag

Lack of communication 

This particular red flag goes in two ways. You might be the one who doesn’t communicate. However, when your partner fails at communicating with you, then it is a turnoff since many problems that should have been resolved easily; will get compiled. 

Another angle to this communication lack is when you can’t tell your partner some certain things. Maybe because they won’t listen to you. It becomes a thing of worry because it will affect the relationship in the long-run. 

Disrespecting boundaries 

People have many things they hold to high esteem. However, when you meet a partner that doesn’t mind but behave as they wish. It is a major red flag.

The main thing that has been holding Interracial relationship is the ability of both parties to reverence other persons boundary.

Lack of trust 

You cannot even plan a future with someone you can’t trust. The base of a sweet relationship is having someone you trust as a partner. 

Over controlling tendencies 

There may be room for agreed influence, but when it comes to a level you get overly controlled by your partner then you should call it a quit. 

Family battle

It becomes funny when you are dearly loved by your partner, but his or her family sees you as an evil or an unfortunate person. 

This is a pure red flag even though some people will navigate through it by eloping. It is better to quit and have Peace of mind. 

Still stocked to past love 

This kind of person will definitely become abusive as time goes by. They will live 80% of their life thinking about past relationships and how you are not measuring up to what his or her ex was. 

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Too bold to feel sorry 

It is understandable that people can be faulty one time or the other. The problem comes when they don’t feel sorry for their wrong during but will try to apportion blame on you. 

Just abusive

Peace of mind should be paramount when seeking for a new love. When you fall into the hands of someone who will not mind abusing you then you should reconsider, and call it a quit. 

Frequently asked questions 

Can I manage a red flag

You just need to discuss it with your partner but if it’s too glaring that they won’t change, then taking your leave is the best option. 

What is a red flag 

Red flags are signs you will see your partner exhibit and you rethink if the relationship will work any further. 

Are red flags the same in all men?

The way people are different is the way their faults can also differ. 


Knowing What’s your red flag when choosing a partner will save you from multi heartbreak. 

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