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When Will I Get Married? 7 Signs You’re Ready

Are you wondering the right time to pop up the “big question”? Have you been asking yourself, “When will I get married”?

Knowing the right to me to marry is one of the biggest milestones to be achieved by an individual. And because this is a very important decision to be made, it becomes difficult and puzzling also.

But since you are here, we have a couple of factors that let you know precisely when you are ready to settle down in marriage.

7 Signs You’re Ready for Marriage

Here are 7 signs that tell you whether you are ready for marriage or not:

1. When you trust your partner

A marriage built on trust is like one built on a solid rock foundation, that when the winds and storms of life come it shall still prevail. Preachy right?

Well, actually that’s the blatant truth. One way to know when you are ready for marriage is when you understand and trust your partner.

2. When your goals are aligned

Our lives often experience turning moments, especially when faced with the winds and twists of our earthly existence. Most often, people find it difficult to know where they are headed.

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Being able to discern where you are headed is a big step. Then, of course, you will have to talk it out with your partner because the two cannot work together unless they agree.

3. When you feel safe with your partner

In everything, your safety matters a lot. Isn’t why we hear people say “safety first”? A safe and healthy relationship translates into a happy marriage, ever after.

Ask yourself questions like, “can I be around this person”? Don’t try or pretend to be someone else, because the fuel of pretense will end no sooner than you get into marriage.

4. When you want to marry, not wed

There is a big difference between a marriage and a wedding. When you picture yourself walking down the aisle in an expensive gown, we can call it a wedding.

The wedding is just a celebration that usually lasts not more than 24 hours. However, if you want to give yourself a “when will I get married” answer, then you’ll need to see yourself living with your partner past the wedding day.

5. When you have seen it all in life

People who have gone through a lot in life usually make the best couple when they make up their minds to battle the challenges head-on with their partners.

Is your partner willing to create a future with you irrespective of your past predicaments? Think about this. Your answer will determine when you are ready to get married.

6. When your family welcomes your partner

One huge step in marriage is when you take your partner home for an introduction. Note that, this is not about basing your opinions on who to marry based on the perceptions of your family members concerning that person.

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Actually, it is about seeing to it that your family’s acceptance of who you love can go a long way in fast-tracking and facilitating the wedding.

7. When you are financially buoyant

Yes, it is true that marriage comes with its sets of blessings. However, you know when you are ready to settle down when you can afford to take care of a family.

That moment you discover you can’t have the wedding of your dreams is that very moment that you should have a second thoughts.


People that jump into marriages simply because they feel “it is time” are usually the ones that try to find their way out of it sooner enough.

When will I get married? Our simple answer is, don’t rush it. It may come sooner or later than you expect it.

But first, go through the checklist. We have gladly provided a few important ones for you above.

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