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Which country has the highest number of sugar mummies—Complete list

Which country has the highest number of sugar mummies? Without delay, I know you will point to the popular country, but you may be wrong. However, the country with the highest number of sugar mummies will be revealed in a bit. 

There are many sugar mummies In the most populous country in Africa, but does it mean that Nigeria has the highest number of sugar mummies? Well, the number of social media users or popularity cannot answer this question alone. 

And What is a sugar mummy? 

Sugar momma or sugar mummy Is a term used to describe rich women who engage with young men in intimate affairs and in-turn give money or other kind of gift to the man. 

Some climes use the term cougar to describe a sugar mummy and use cube to describe the guy they have a relationship with. 

Is sugar mummy legal?

Many media bodies and regulators are trying their best to discourage Sex-trafficking by blaming it on sugar mummy sugar daddy concept.

Trafficking results from people with bad intentions, but the sugar mummy relationship is born of the need for friendship, genuine love and happiness. 

The relationship is legal Since both parties have to agree on how the relationship will go before continuing to meet each other. 

Countries with the highest number of sugar mummies. 

The following countries reportedly have the most sugar mummies that have initiated a relationship with a sugar boy before. 

8. Italy 

Which country has the highest number of sugar mummies

This country has many of their women as celebrities and models, so they make enough Money to get into any kind of relationship they wish. 

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With their naturally beautiful body, they can keep a sugar boy that will satisfy them in bed. Why do they just focus on doing their business without troubling their head with marriage and serious relationships? 

7. Sweden 

Which country has the highest number of sugar mummies

When you are counting countries with rich and well-to-do women, then Sweden must top the list. This country gives equal power to the women population which gives rise to the number of ladies that crave to do as they wish with their money. 

Swedish women prefer arranged relationships to marriage that will put much responsibility on their shoulders. Doesn’t mean Swedish women can’t handle family, but the freedom of doing what they love is what they can’t sacrifice for anything. 

6. Gabon

Which country has the highest number of sugar mummies

The myth of being the only country in Africa where women beg for intimacy is not fading away anytime soon. Gabon has a larger number of women than men. There are many old stories about this abnormality but we won’t dive into it now. 

Women of this country are starved of intercourse to the extent of some of their women coming out to protest about it.

Many men from other African countries who travel to Gabon always have a special story to tell about Gabonese women and their craving for intercourse. 

5. South Africa

Which country has the highest number of sugar mummies

They have to make this list because South Africa accounts for a large number of beautiful women in Africa who don’t get enough intimacy, so they result in getting young men from other neighboring countries and paying them for maximum satisfaction. 

4. Poland 

Which country has the highest number of sugar mummies

Polish women have the history of being the most reserved women in the world but something happened when the country became opened up for foreigners to visit and even live there. This is after Germany withdrew their soldiers from Poland. 

There was a rise in sugar mummy relationships since many young men lost their lives during the German invasion and many other men had to move to the UK leaving women without men for proper love making. 

Women have to use sugar babies (mostly from other countries) to replace the void of not having men. 

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3. Nigeria 

Which country has the highest number of sugar mummies

Nigeria has the biggest population in Africa but they still have to make this list because of the introduction of women freedom. 

Beautiful women in Nigeria now divorce their husbands just to live alone and couple things up with sugar babies. 

Even with many cultures forbidding the act, it is still rampant and growing with speed. 

2. Kenya 

Which country has the highest number of sugar mummies

Kenya has the best tourist attraction with beautiful water bodies, landscape, beautiful cultures, diversity and sustained peace. Another popular thing in Kenya is their love for intercourse and love making.

Many retirees from US, UK, and Asia troop into Kenya to find pleasure and even the youths have come to benefit by openly offering to satisfy old sugar mummies (mostly from other countries) 


1. USA

Which country has the highest number of sugar mummies

 The United States of America has the highest number of sugar mummies in the whole world. This is because of prosperity in the country which gives women financial freedom to pursue happiness and love however they wish. 

Dating sites that make sugar mummy/baby matching reports the majority of their users coming from the US.

Students who have some time to spare with old women make more than $2,500 in a month satisfying rich sugar mummies in the US as reported by a business insider’s blog. 


Article above shows an answer to your question: Which Country has the highest number of sugar Mummies?

The United States of America came first and followed by Kenya.

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