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Amazing facts on how to know Who is a sugar daddy

How to know Who is a sugar daddy in simple terms as follows. – A sugar daddy can simply be defined as a man who is old in age but looks out for younger girls he can have intimate relationships with and give them money and other gifts. 

Sugar daddies are men who are not young or I can say very old and most of the time retired. 

Who is a sugar daddy

They dearly need a companion or just a chat mate and in this case, they need ladies who can be their chatmate. Then support them with financial gifts and many other things to reward the ladies for their time and attention. Mostly, for pleasure. 

Sugar daddies are not turning girls into prostitutes as some media wrongly reported, rather it’s more of trade of time for money even though they do get intimate if agreed on by both parties, they do so without being forced or coerced. 

Who is a sugar daddy in the US 

Most sugar daddies in the US are old men who are through with childbirth, most times they are retired and are living on their investment and retirement savings. 

This is mostly the trying times of their life since there will be nobody to talk to, they can’t go to the office again, and children will be living far away, so they will need young Ladies who are sometimes ‘students’ to take care of them, tell them jokes and chat about the trending topics in society. 

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US sugar daddies are rich and can be very fun to be with. They may not be their properties to you but you will benefit in many ways from US sugar daddies. 

How to identify a sugar daddy 

You can easily spot a sugar daddy if you understand how they live their lives. Sugar daddies are not lonely like people may think, infact, they have friends who suggest to them how to get the sweetest sugar baby that will take better care of them.

 Look at some tips to know Who is a sugar daddy :

Who is a sugar daddy
Sugar daddy playboy
  • They play field games like gulf. Though oh won’t say that all men who play gulf are sugar daddies but rich and retired men love playing gulf and it’s referred to as a rich man game. 


  • They dress to impress. They dress like they are still 25years old. Saying that sugar daddies are on top of their fashion game is an understatement. These men look nicer than even young men, and this is how they try to get the best sugar baby.

 When you go to an event and see rich old-men dressed fine and discussing while moving their eyes suggestively, then you have spotted sugar daddies. 


  • Inquisitive on how to use social media. Yes, these nice men learn how to use popular social media platforms so they can look at profiles of beautiful young women and send them sugar baby requests.


  • Love for dating apps. Sugar daddies know many social media and dating apps and they don’t mind asking for new ones when they can’t get their spec on the one they are already using. They don’t mind posting that they are single on bio


  • Shirtless pictures on social media.
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Sugar daddies learn very fast and they don’t mind implementing their new knowledge.

Who is a sugar daddy

  • Posting suggestive pictures this is a way sugar daddies tell girls on social media that they are fit and are Looking for a sugar baby. 


This article made it clear who is a sugar daddy, how to know a sugar daddy, how to identify a sugar daddy in the US, but you can follow us to know who is a sugar mummy. There are many other posts on dailygam on sugar daddies you can check now.

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