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Who is a sugar mummy—How to identify them

Who is a sugar mummy ? Sugar mummy or sugar momma as many people put it is a woman in need of the present of a younger man that will take care of her by giving her quality time. 

Sugar mummies are ladies in Generally that provide financial support and gifts to young men in exchange of intimacy and care time. 

The false rumors that sugar mummies look out to prey on young men has been debunked by the media recently through the rise of dating apps that give people the choice to make the decision of going into a relationship. 

Who is a sugar mummy

Common Features of a sugar mummy 

There are most common features of sugar momma that will will show you here.

Suggestive Dressing 

Sugar mummies can be identified by their way of dressing. Sugar mummies Have been fashion lovers.

Beautiful Lifestyle 

You can identify a sugar mummy with their flamboyant lifestyle which depicts beauty and rich Lifestyle, however, some sugar mummies don’t show off like that but look into their style of talking, you will easily identify that she is a sugar mummy. 

Good looking chubby 

Can I know who is a sugar mummy by their body size? No! Body size will not tell you that she is a sugar mummy, but judging from most of the sugar mummies that can easily be identified, then you will surely think of a chubby good looking lady. 

After understanding how to fairly identify a sugar mummy, some of the questions you will be asking is:

Can a sugar mummy give me money? 

After looking at the common features of a sugar mummy, the only fact that persists in the three points above is how rich they are. So Without doubt, sugar mummies are rich and are cheerful givers.

In our definition of who is a sugar mummy, we made it clear that sugar mummies are much older ladies that look out for younger men to give money and other gifts for intimate relationships. 

So it is now very clear that you will make money from sugar mummies, but as it is in any other relationship, you will have to fulfill your own part of the deal. 

Are sugar mummies looking for only intimate partners?

If you don’t want to engage in intercourse with your sugar mummy, you will have to plan that with her from the beginning of the relationship. Some sugar mummies just want someone that can be by their side, chat and laugh with them. So, it depends on what your sugar mummy wants. 

How can I get a sugar mummy?

Who is a sugar mummy

I have written extensively on how to attract a sugar mummy. The content has the complete guide on the steps to follow to get a nice sugar mummy that will love you dearly. Don’t forget to check that article out. 

But for the sake of this particular article, I will explain how to get a sugar mummy. 

  • The first step is to make up your mind on what you want  from a sugar mummy and the kind of relationship you are ready to go into. 


Then you start working on your body. You don’t necessarily need to grow a six-pack overnight, but you have to change your diet to be more healthy. Register with any gym nearest to you. Do early morning push-ups and maintain an attractive fashion sense. Before we move to the next step, I will point out that sugar mummies don’t condone dirtiness. 


  • Second step is to register with the popular dating site in your region, and set up your profile having in mind what you want and the kind of person you want to connect with. 
  • You can check out the popular ladies contacts to know if they need a sugar baby. 

In conclusion 

Who is a sugar mummy is that lady that is ready to give a young man money in exchange for an intimate relationship and you can identify them by the way they dress and look. Follow us to know more about sugar mummy and beautiful woman contacts. 

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