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Why Bipolar Relationships Fail? Reasons and How to Overcome

In this article, we are going to dig out some of the popular reasons why bipolar relationships fail. While there may not be straightforward answers, some of the variables to be considered will be highlighted.

There are enough problems concerning navigating a relationship and bipolar disorder is just one of such numerous huddles.

Oops. A new word, bipolar disorder?

Perhaps we should take the next section to define what bipolar disorder is before we get to why bipolar relationships fail.

What Bipolar Disorder Means

In simple layman’s language, a person suffering from bipolar disorder suffers from mental conditions leading to extreme anxiety, mood swings, and shifts in concentration or activity levels.

The person usually goes from an extremely happy state (manic episodes) to a state of extreme sadness or helplessness (depressive episode).

That’s enough technical grammar for the day.

3 Major Reasons Why Bipolar Relationships Fail

There are so many reasons (common and uncommon) why bipolar relationships fail. Here are the 3 major ones:

1. Unpredictable Behavior in Relationships

Since people with bipolar disorders experience moments of emotional ups and downs, they become very u predictable to their partners.

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It is hard to tell their mood because one moment they are excited and lively, and the next moment they are breaking things. This unpredictable behavior in a relationship can only make the partner feel confused, worried, and helpless.

2. Infidelity

Infidelity is mostly a consequence of mania. Many people are struggling to reconnect after breaking up as a result of cheating or infidelity.

To somebody suffering from bipolar disorder, cheating will result in lowering their level of depression. This effect may be temporary, even though.

So as with any type of relationship, infidelity is one of the reasons why bipolar relationships fail.

3. Dealing with Mentally Ill Partner

According to research, dealing with a partner with bipolar disorder can have more mental devastating effects than even dealing with a partner with cancer.

How to Cope with Bipolar Relationship Breakups

Let’s be positive, not all bipolar relationships fail. But since all relationships fail it is good we look at ways to cope with the challenges that come with a terminated bipolar relationship.

Educate yourself

The foremost important thing to do upon discovering that your partner has bipolar disorder is to learn more about the condition.

As you learn, bear in mind the person for whom you are going through the learning process. Don’t also talk to your partner, let them share their experiences as well.

Protect yourself

Whatever the reason resulting in a breakup, do not blame yourself. With time you will learn from any mistakes made, and also heal.

What you should do at the moment is have some compassion for yourself and take it easy.

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Seek Medical Advice

If your emotions want to overwhelm you as a result of the breakup, kindly see a doctor or go for a counseling session.

Don’t forget to keep calm – bipolar disorder is a curable ailment.


Having bipolar disorder doesn’t mean the end of the world because it is curable. Also, it is ok not to crucify yourself as a result of a failed relationship caused by the condition.

While there are many reasons why bipolar relationships fail, it is common for any kind of relationship to fail. What matters is how one is able to cope after the unfortunate event.

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