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Why Do Men Cheat? Here are 5 Expert Reasons

Cheating is an act of physical or emotional betrayal in a relationship. Why do men cheat? Here are 5 expert reasons for men’s infidelity in a relationship.

Being cheated by the person you love can lead to so many devastating disasters. The victims often suffer from enormous emotional damage.

While there’s no gender exception to cheating, studies have shown that 20% of men admit one form of cheating as compared to only 13% of women. This alarming rate of cheating among men made it necessary for an article like this.

5 Reasons Men Cheat

Men cheat, and women cheat also. Irrespective of gender or sexual orientation, people often cheat in relationships today.

For our purpose of discourse, here are the 5 exper reasons why men cheat in a relationship.

1. Unhappiness and Dissatisfaction

When a man is unhappy or dissatisfied with his present relationship, there is a high chance that the condition may lead to cheating.

Relationships involve mutual commitment from both partners. Without this mutuality, the relationship may be cradling to the grave. A sexless relationship has been the primary reason for infidelity among both men and women.

2. Lack of Commitment

While putting all other things aside, research has shown that people who are less committed to their relationships are likely to cheat.

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When the relationship becomes weak in terms of intimacy, the man will always look for an alternative to what seems to be an empty, dry, and lonely relationship.

He may seek ways to fulfill his desires outside the relationship.

3. Desire for Adeventure

Men are always seeking new ways to explore sexual adventures.

This is one of the reasons why men cheat as they try to escape from everyday routines and blandness – work life, boring weekends with the children, too much-watching TV or working on the computer.

4. Looking for New Conquest

One thing you need to know about men is the fact that they are egocentric beings. They look for ways to have their ego stroked, mostly due to personal insecurity.

Why men cheat in this instance is so as to get external validation. They always look for a new conquest, and whenever that new conquest starts complaining, they move further to another new conquest.

And the cheating cycle continues. This, like other reasons, is why men cheat.

5. Revenge

Sometimes men cheat because they want to pay back for the times the woman cheated. This they do in order to revenge for the damage caused by the spouse.

This kind of cheating is mostly a result of anger or jealousy, mixed with the intent or desire for revenge. Sometimes the woman may not have actually cheated on the man, but have done something that offended him. Cheating can serve as payback in this case.


The above are some of the important reasons why men cheat in a relationship. There can be so many other reasons.

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But irrespective of the reason behind why men cheat, infidelity goes a long way in affecting both parties in the relationship.

The good thing to learn from infidelity is, when it happens, there is a need to check the cause and adjust if you really want to move ahead with the relationship.

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