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Will I be Alone Forever? 7 Signs You Might be Single Forever

People who have never had the best relationships in life often wonder, “will I be alone forever?”.  Well, the truth is, it is hard to fathom the feeling of being single forever, the thought of it alone can make you sick.

However, there are so many people who have made it in this life and have stayed single all through their lifetime. It can be hard, but sometimes you have to accept things as life unfolds them to you.

Here’s what will make you astonished. While 69 percent of adult Americans are partnered, the remaining 31 percent remain single, according to a study by the Pew Research Center. Among the single adult population, more than half are happy living their lives.

And in fact, those who are single go on with their daily lives normally without the stress of thinking of going into any relationship.

So many God wants you to remain single for life. Here are 7 signs that can get you in that direction and feeling.

7 Signs You Might be Single Forever

Here are 7 signs that might lead to you being single in this life, till the end of it.

1. When you feel like no one meets up your standard

Yes, that kind of feeling. There are times you feel as if no one I able to meet up to your expectations. You have set up a standard in life, and somehow you feel that your partner may not be able to level up those standards.

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This is a clear sign that may lead you into forever singlehood. To curb it, you may need to look at your standard and try to dress it by lowering it.

2. You find happiness in being alone

There are people who are extremely happy alone. Any slight company of humans makes them feel very uncomfortable. The tendency of being single forever may just be in line with your solitude desires.

3. A lifestyle prone to the single life

Perhaps your own is about your career, which either makes you travel a lot or spend long hours at work. And mostly, there is no chance that the lifestyle will change.

This is a typical lifestyle that may lead to you being single for the rest of your life.

4. You already feel fulfilled with your life

The feeling of fulfillment in life is a possible answer to “am I going to be single forever?” The reason for this is very clear; people often go into relationships in order to be fulfilled.

And here you are, already fulfilled without a partner. Possibly, you are about to spend your life single.

5. Fear of commitment

Relationships are centered or revolve around commitment. Any person who fears being committed cannot stand a relationship.

If this is how you feel, then you may remain single for life easily. This is an important answer to your “will I remain alone forever” question.

6. You have trust issues

Trust is the pillar of all relationships. If you don’t trust your partner, hardly would you able to stay long with them in a relationship. You’ll just assume things and conclude based on your suspicions.

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Lack of trust is a relationship killer, and hence one of the characteristics of those who are prone to remaining single forever.

7. You seldom socialize

If you are finding it difficult to socialize with people, then it will be difficult to establish a connection with someone not to talk of establishing a relationship.


There are several feelings that can make one remain single in this life. These reasons can help you picture why you were unable to find a partner for a prolonged period of time.

If you feel unhappy about being single, or feel like singlehood is not the life for you, you may want to start addressing some of these issues that you find in yourself.

And if you feel that some of these signs are characteristic of you, then relax and live your life. You can still live happily ever after as a single person.

The only danger of being single is when you are unhappy about it, in which case you need a fix. Cares.

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