Biography of Micheal Saul Dell, Life, Family Achievements

Biography of Micheal Saul Dell – When we talk about a tech genius, Michael Dell should be in the lips of everybody.

Micheal Saul Dell is a tech giant, philanthropist and an American billionaire. He is the managing director and CEO of Dell Technologies.

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If you have heard of the popular computer and laptop Dell, them you should know him.

Biography o Micheal Saul Dell

Early Life

We can’t talk about the biography of Micheal Saul Dell with going down to his Early Life.

Born in Houston, Texas to the family of Alexander and Lorraine Charlotte Dell on the 25th of Fabuary 1995.

At his teen years he started working and using the money to invest in stocks and metals.

At the age of 15, Micheal bought one of the latest apple computers and disconnected everything in it just to know if he can put it back again.

From childhood, things like tech and business have always been his dream jobs or work, so apple laptop cuppling was serving as the starting point for him.


When Micheal was in the high school (Memorial High School, Huston) he was working for a news paper company and was selling subscription.

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It was so amazing for him and in a year he was able to make up to $18,000. For his hard work, he rewarded himself with a new apple computer and a new BMW.

When he entered the University at the University of Texas, his parents dream was for him to become a doctor but in his first year he started a business of selling computer hard disk and made a lot of money.

His net gross was about $20,000 and he further employed some persons to join him in his venture to creating a computer.

His bought a house and filled it with computer parts which he was using to start his own computer.

He eventually dropped out of the university at the age of 19.


We can’t still talk about the Biography of Micheal Saul Dell without putting to notice he is from a family of four, his father, mother, his brother and himself.

Biography of Micheal Saul Dell

Got married to Susan Lynn Lieberman in 1998 and the both persons have given birth to 4 happy children.

The only brother he has currently is Adam Dell.


In 1984 Dell registered his first company PC limited, his marketing game was smart that he made from $50,000 to $80,000 from just selling an upgrade kit for personal computer which he built.

He built the Dell Computer Corporation which he later relocated to North Austin and also employed other persons.

At this point Dell was already building it’s own computer which was making waves and selling real fast.

In 1992, Micheal Saul Dell was already 27 Years of age and was named the youngest CEO of computer, ranking which was made by Fortune Magazine which including over 5000 other companies.

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Getting to 1996, Dell was now selling computer all over the internet and just that same year the company launched its first ever server,

The company made $1 million in the first 24 hours of the company server launch which is the first in history as of that time.

In 1998, Dell launched another company MSD Capital LD which is ment to manage the investment of his family.

It continued moving until 2011 when the company made a world record of 12.8%, staying ahead of a popular tech company Compaq which made them the largest computer makers in the world.

He later went in collaboration with Microsoft and silver lake partners, Dell took the company private.

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