Who is Quinton Anderson Reynolds

Quinton Anderson Reynolds is a digital camera operator, editor, post-manufacturing assistant, and virtual imaging technician. He has been running the business of the tv and film industry since the year 2011.

Quinton Anderson Reynolds was born into a celebrity family. His parents were known in their fields of life. His mother was a renowned actress featuring in a lot of movies which includes a CBS sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati where she played the role of Jennifer Marlowe and others. Quinton Anderson’s mother has over two prestigious awards she got from her acting career. His dad was an actor starring in many movies. His father’s name is Burt Reynolds and his mother’s name is Loni Anderson. He lost his father to a heart attack in the year 2018. Quinton Anderson was not included in his foster father’s will for the reason of already making a trust that will take care of Quinton Anderson’s estate taxes.

Quick Fact About Quinton Anderson Reynolds

  • Full name:  Quinton Anderson Reynolds
  • Famous as: Quinton Anderson
  • Gender: male
  • Date of birth:  31th August 1988
  • Age: 34 (as of 2022)
  • Place of birth: California, USA
  • Martial status: single
  • Religion: Christan
  • Ethnicity: white
  • Country of residence: California, USA
  • Nationality:  American
  • Children: None
  • Step siblings:  1 (Didra Hoffman)
  • Grandchildren: None
  • Father: Burt Reynolds
  • Mother:  Loni Anderson
  • Hair color:  Dark Brown
  • Height: 5’10” (in feets inches)
  •  Profession:  Camera Operator, Editor, digital image technician.
  • Ex-wife name: None
  • Language: English
  • Alma mater: California state university
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Net worth:  $2 million
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Quinton Anderson Reynold Education

Quinton Anderson Reynolds started and finished his high school and college education in California at local institutions. Quinton Anderson enrolled at the California State University where bagged a bachelor’s degree in arts.

Quinton Anderson  Reynold Career/Profession

Quinton Anderson started his career at a very early stage of his life, He always accompany his adoptive parents to their scene. He has worked as a camera operator, a digital imaging technician, an editor, a video editor, and a post-production assistant, among others. He has worked on so many TV series and films. Quinton Anderson has over fifty (50) movie credits to his name both in the editorial, camera, and electrical departments. Some of his works are listed below.

 Mega Python vs. Gatoroid (2011) Almighty Thor (2011) The Amityville Haunting (2011) Zombie Apocalypse (2011) A Haunting in Salem (2011) Battle of Los Angeles (2011) Nazis at the Center of the Earth (2012) Grimm’s Snow White (2012) Nazis at the Center of the Earth (2012) 2-Headed Shark Attack (2012) Sharknado (2013) 100 Degrees Below Zero (2013) Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story (2015)  Python vs. Gatoroid (2011) Almighty Thor (2011) The Amityville Haunting (2011) Zombie Apocalypse (2011) A Haunting in Salem (2011) Battle of Los Angeles (2011) Nazis at the Center of the Earth (2012)   Escape from Polygamy (2013) Zombie Night (2013) Dear Secret Santa (2013) All I Want for Christmas (2013) One-Minute Time Machine (2014) Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys (2014) Christmas in Palm Springs (2014) Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (2015) The Flight Before Christmas (2015) His Double Life (2016) Minutes to Midnight (2018) Wait for It (2022) 

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Quinton Anderson Reynolds Net Worth

Quinton Anderson is estimated to have an approximate net worth of two million dollars ($2 million)

Quinton Anderson Reynolds’s Relationship

Quinton Anderson keeps his life private and out of social media. He is currently single as of 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is his marital status of Quinton?

He is currently Single

How old is Quinton Anderson Reynolds?

34 years of age.

Who is Quinton Anderson Reynolds’s father?

Burt Reynolds


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