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Top 5 Songs of Burna Boy in 2022

Let’s talk about some of the best songs of Burna boy in 2022 and we all can give him credit that he is one of the greatest singers coming out of Africa.

Burna Boy for long has shown the world he is not just a superstar but serves the audience what they need.

In 2022, the Grammy award winner has been hot when it comes to producing some of the greatest songs in the world.

In this article, we are going to give you a list of some of the songs of burns boy that you should consider downloading.

These songs are making waves in all. streaming platforms and equally making history in the world.

We are also aware that burns boy released his 2022 album which topped the apple music chart for a very long time before Asake came up with one of the bangers in his album.

Burna boy’s album topped number one to 10 on apple music for two days and stands to be the only African artist to top the UK iTunes which is great history with LAST LAST becoming the anthem for the album.

Though there are other songs in the album that made a lot of waves like Different size, It’s Plenty (Trabaye), Vanilla, Dirty etc.

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In comparing the songs, Burna Boy’s Mother claimed that even though last Last is a Hit but Trabaye is an anthem and showed how she loves the song more than last last.

We recall that last last was meant to be a heartbreak song but turned out to be a world anthem.

Well, without further waste of time, below are the top Burna Boy song of 2022 that you should have.

2022 Songs of Burna Boy

1. It’s plenty

You will agree with us that in the last Love, Damini album, this is one of the songs that has been making waves.

You can talk about the album without mentioning its plenty with the first word coming to your head is “its plenty oo ahh”

The sound and its production are so good and it’s a big up for the producer yes Burna boy’s pen game is massive.

2. Different Size

Talking from my own experience, when I first heard different sizes, It drew my attention to the freestyle that victony did when the popular Korean Movies came out.

Da Vinci used the sound to create a beat in which Burna boy and victony jumped on it and make a hit out of it.

This is also another great song of 2022 that we should give credit to.

3. Last Last

It is not possible to mention our top 5 without looking at the song that is serving as the top spot in the love, DAMINI album.

Last was first released off the album and made a great wave long before the release of the full album.

People only looked at other songs and they already know last is a banger. This is also another song you should look at.

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4. How Bad could it be

He does not only write songs for dance and clubs, but he also went emotional to give you all the best songs you can use whenever you feeling depressed or down.

How bad could it be that song that will make you feel okay and keep working?


What is Burna Boy’s Best Song?

Burna does have a bad song but if you ask the street, they will tell you last last

What was Burna Boy’s First Hit?

His first hit came in 2013 when he released his first album L.I.F.E and life of the party was favourite for many people.

What is Burna Boy’s Net Worth?

The official Net Worth of Burna Boy as of 2022 is approximately $17 million

What is Burn Boy’s Best Song?

When you talk about Burna Boy’s best song, you will talk about Last Last.


We do not doubt that Burna boy will continue to break records when it comes to making good music.

For more information, you can always visit here at Dailygam to catch up with the latest.

If you have any questions, do well to leave a comment below.

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