Who is Zeke Young?

Zeke Young, who is a well-known celebrity youngster who is best recognized as the first son of Neil Young, is a Canadian-American musician, songwriter and filmmaker.

He is also a corroborating personality in the tv series, called  Ozark. Zeke is the Youngs’ loving baby. He is the first son of Neil Young and Carrie Snodgress. He have younger siblings named as Ben Young and Amber Jean Young.

He was born on 8th of September, in the year 1972, in El Paso, Texas, in the United States of America.Zeke was diagnosed of cerebral palsy, an everlasting and continual motion dysfunction that manifests in earlier childhood age and barely ends in miserable coordination,.

Quick Fact About Zeke Young

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  • Born: 8 September 1972 (age 50 years)
  • Siblings: Ben Young, Amber Jean Young
  • Parents: Neil Young, Carrie Snodgress
  • Aunt: Astrid Young
  • Uncle: Bob Young
  • Grandparents: Edna Young, Scott Young
  • Great-grandparents: Jean Ferguson Paterson, Percy Andrew Young

Zeke Young’s Educational Background 

Zeke Young is physical impaired and nothing is known about his educational background as of the time of this publication being October 2022.

Zeke Young’s life have been a quite and private one. Any further information gotten in the cause of our research, we will update you.

Zeke Young’s Career

Being a celebrity physically impaired kid, Zeke don’t work or have any professional skills linked to him. Zeke is smart and kind to people around him.

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Zeke Young’s Net Income

He was born into home of fame and popularity.

He’s net worth is yet to been known.

Zeke Young’s Siblings.

Ben Younger

Been was Born in the year  1978 to Neil and Pegi Younger, Ben was also diagnosed with cerebral palsy after his birth in the year 1978. He was agonized with  the irritations of getting rigid muscle tissues, and temblors.

Amber Jean Younger

Amber is the third and only girl child of Neil who was diagnosed with epilepsy. She Born in the year 1984, Amber Jean is comprehended for her descriptive and artistic work and paintings which she displays on social media and on her personal web site.

Zeke Young’s Relationship

He is loved by many apart from being a celebrity kid, he is all loving. As of the time of this publication, being October 2022, Zele don’t have any girl in his life. He is currently single.


Who is Zeke Young?

He is  a popular celebrity kid who is best recognized as the first child of Neil Young, is a Canadian-American musician, composer and filmmaker.

How many Siblings does Zeke young have?

He has two younger siblings called Ben and Amber Jean

What is the cause of his impairment?

He was identified with cerebral palsy.


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