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5 Best Film Schools in France | 2022

Film School in France – This beautiful country is not known for being the best when it comes to fashion but also has one of the best film schools in the world.

We all love to watch movies and some even have a lot of passion for the industry.

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In this article, we shall take a look at some of the best Film Schools in France and also give you a few of the requirements needed for you to be a good actor.

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In the whole of Europe, the France film/cinema is the best, going back to 2013, it was the second largest film industry in the world after the United state of America.

Coming down to the country’s capital Paris is where you will get some of the best film schools in  France.

As a successful country who are doing very well in its area of fashion, there have also been recognized to have one of the biggest film industry in the world.

5 Best Film Schools in France

Let’s look at some of those schools that will build up your career as a filmmaker or an actor.

With this school, you will be able to understand how the movie market is and how to put yourself in the light.

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1. CineStudio – Paris School of Film and Media

In this school you will have the opportunity to learn some major things like scriptwriting, acting, photography, cinematography and so many others.

You can never have boring days studying at the cine studio which is located in Paris.

You pick the area you want to concentrate and they will teach you from being a novice to becoming a pro.

2. Eicar International Film and Television School Paris

Just like mentioned earlier, Paris is one place that has the highest number of film schools in the whole of France.

At Eicar Film school, you will be thought and lectured on how to market yourself as a filmmaker.

You will also have the opportunity to choose if you want your study to be online or offline and at your pace.

3. La Femis

Talk about filmmaking and media production in France, the first place that will come to mind is la femis.

Young filmmakers In France know about them and a lot are willing to be part of them.

Each of their students will have the opportunity to receive good training and go to different workshops organized by the school.

4. Paris Film Academy

Just like the government owns other schools like the fashion schools and football academies, they also own a film Academy.

This is because the film industry in Paris has grown to be very big and it brings a lot of revenue to them.

Paris film Academy has produced a lot of filmmakers and so many films that are making waves in the country and the world.

5. Paris College of Art

Art here means there are many things like photography, screenwriting, acting and so many other things.

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To grow in the movie industry, you should belong to a school like this which will guide you throughout your whole career.

With the thing you will learn from this school you will be able to build up. your career.


Is a film degree worth it?

Yes, with your film degree, you can easily get a job at some of the big production houses.

Where should I study film studies?

To be a good filmmaker and you are based in France, you should belong to any of the schools we have mentioned in this article to get started.

Is film school Expensive?

Yes, it is quite expensive, anybody who wants to study at any Film Academy should have at least $70,000.

Is filmmaking a good career?

It is one of the most lucrative careers anybody can venture on. With filmmaking you will not only be rich but also have the film (celebrity)


The purpose of film schools is to nurture young talents who are passionate about making films and making their career.

We have mentioned the top five best Film Schools in Paris and we believe you can belong to one to skyrocket your career.

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