High Paying Jobs

List of High Paying Jobs and Industries in Nigeria

List of High Paying Jobs and Industries in Nigeria

The living expenses in Nigeria has drastically increased over the years making people seek desperately jobs to match their expenses. With the higher-than-average unemployment rate, Nigerians struggle to find jobs but fortunately, there are still high paying jobs throughout the country.

If you’re choosing a career or you are in school about to make a career change and pick one which would fetch you a high paying job, then this article is for you. The highest paying job Nigeria is that of a heart transplant surgeon. As a heart transplant surgeon, you can earn an average of 1,510,000 NGN per month, putting you firmly in the top quarter of earners in the country.

Other High Paying Jobs are:

Marketing: To become a marketer, you have to complete high school, obtain a bachelor’s degree, complete a marketing internship, gain work experience. They earn an average of N454,000NGN per month.

Pilot: To become a pilot, you need to seek admission into any approved aviation school of your choice. It would take about four years to complete. They make an average of N500, 000 monthly.

  • Psychologist
  • Head of Public Relations
  • Advertising Sales Director
  • Construction Manager
  • Architectural Manager

University Professor: A college professor is also among the most prestigious careers. College professors are among the top-earning with N300,000 to N1,000,000 monthly.

Orthodontist: To become an Orthodontist, you have to undergo a six-year course and acquire appropriate certification in this field at any accredited institution in Nigeria.

Aviation Manager: To become a pilot, you need to seek admission into any approved aviation school of your choice. It would take about four years to complete. The entry level salary is at an average of N500,000NGN

Bank Manager: To become a banker and subsequently be a Manager in Nigeria, you need at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field from a recognized institution. They earn an average of N200,000NGN

Crown Prosecution Lawyer: To become a lawyer, you must have a bachelor’s degree in Law. As you grow in experience and professionalism, you will be making millions. They make an average of N200,000NGN

Supreme Court Judge: Because of the responsibilities associated with their work, Judges also earn high salaries. Salary ranges from N530,000 to N1,650,000 monthly.

Orthopedic Surgeon: To become this, you have to complete medical school, which may take fifteen years or more, obtain relevant qualifications and life-changing opportunities await you. They earn an average of N530,000 monthly.

Petroleum Engineer: To become a petroleum engineer, you have to undergo a five-year course and acquire appropriate certification at any approved institution in Nigeria. They earn an average of N200,000NGN

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Highest Paying Industries in Nigeria

Listed below are the top 5 highest-paying industries in Nigeria. If you work in one of these fields, your chances of earning a good salary go up significantly.

Healthcare: Health care workers are very valued in the country and as such are paid well for their hard work. Health care workers such as Heart transplant surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons and Physicians.

Legal: The legal sector is also one of the highest paying sectors in the country. From Lawyers to Judge, these professionals earn well as the sector provides great opportunity to live well in the country and abroad.

Finance: The finance industry offers a variety of career options for those who are interested in things like money management, economics, insurance and accounting.

Business and Marketing: You’ll find a lot of opportunities to earn a great salary working in this field. Especially if you decide to pursue one of these 3 high-paying business/marketing jobs like Chief Executive Officer, Advertising Sales Director, Head of Public Relations.

Aviation: The aviation industry is another well-paying industry for Nigerians to consider. Some of the highest paying aviation jobs to work towards are; Aviation Manager, Airport Services Manager, Pilot. Good aviation opportunities available can be explored here.


Choosing a career might be easy, but finding a high paying job to meet with your qualification might be a huge task by itself. This article have helped breakdown all you need to know in finding high paying jobs in your industry. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to use our comment section.

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