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Cougar VS sugar mummy – what you must know

Cougar VS sugar mummy is becoming a debate in these recent years as online dating is spreading like wildfire.

People who want to have a sugar momma relationship now have one tough decision to make in regards to whether to look for cougars or sugar mummies.

The two words can be used interchangeably, but are they the same thing?

Well, we will find out here as I try to compare them to let  you know what they mean and what you should go for since you are interested in the cougar/sugar mummy relationship. 

Cougar VS sugar mummy

Meaning of Cougar VS sugar mummy

Cougar is a word used to categorize old women who are interested in having intimate relationships with young men for the sake of enjoyment.

Sugar mummies are women on the other hand who purposely go into relationships with young men for love, companionship, caring and intimacy.

Sugar mommas don’t prioritize intercouse in their relationship with young men. They just need someone to talk to or call a friend.

Cougar relationships are only for intercouse purposes. They don’t offer any kind of gift to young men since it’s a consensual act between the two of them.

As earlier noted, a sugar mummy can be in a relationship with a sugar boy without actually asking him for intercouse.

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But she can pay the sugar boy, unlike cougars who don’t have payment agreements.

Cougars are made up of mostly old women who may have divorced their husband or the husband is late.

So they look for relationships with people of a younger age to give them love and satisfaction.

Sugar mummies are not only old women. There are plenty of young women from the 27 to 35 age bracket who are sugar mummies.

This is just the type of relationship those women prefer instead of a popular girlfriend boyfriend with its bugging commitment requirements.

Dating site for cougars VS dating sites for sugar mummies 

Apart from differences in meaning, the apps to find sugar mummies and cougars differ in some cases. 

Though all dating and matchmaking apps are for relationships, some of them are specially made for some purpose. Cougar dating websites

Cougar VS sugar mummy

Cougar Life

Old people and young people’s relationship happens here. Standing out as that app where retired women who are of age show up to look for strong men who can satisfy them in bed.

Just as the name suggests, Cougar life. The place for  real honey Cougars.


You can find other types of love here but the majority of users are aging women who don’t mind getting screwed by any young man with enough strength. 


They care about the security of Cougars who want to find love again. The design is wonderful with an easy to use interface for cougars and cubs. 

Sugar mummy dating websites

Cougar VS sugar mummy

Elite singles

Are you looking for a place to catch rich sugar mummies who don’t mind spending thousands on you every week? Then you have it. 

Wealthy ladies use this website to get love again after divorcing a husband or breaking up with a boyfriend.

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Elite meets beauty

Not just your casual website to get average sugar mummies. This site has one of the most beautiful sugar mummies you can ever think of. 

Don’t settle for less when elite and beautiful sugar mummies are waiting for you here for love and are ready to offer good support.

Sugar book

With thousands active daily users, they are proud as the spot for rich sugar mummies who can spend on the boys. 

Getting matched can be easy here since the system helps you to set your profile perfectly for better exposure.


Cougars are old women who look for young men to have an intimate with and there’s no strings attached.

You can look for them on these websites:

Cougar life, Zoosk, EHarmony

Sugar mummies look for companionship and good care but still can engage intercouse. With plans to reward the sugar boy with money. You can find them on these dating sites:

Elite single, Elite meets beauty, sugar book. 

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