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Sugar baby allowance—how much do they make?

Sugar baby Allowance can easily vary from location to condition of your sugar daddy and how you do your own bargaining. 

There’s no general set amount you can make as a sugar baby. But there have been allowance reports which we are going to put into averages and then show you what you can expect as a sugar baby. 

What is a sugar baby

Sugar babies are young girls who go into intimate relationships with older men for the purpose of getting gifts and monetary support from them. 

The relationship in this case is arranged with full agreement reached by both parties on how the whole thing will go. But most times, girls become sugar babies with the expectation of making enough money to either fund their education or just live their dream lifestyle. And this Leeds is to the next question:

What is a sugar baby allowance

After knowing what a sugar baby is you should be anxious to ascertain the amount they earn to love with old men. 

Well, the pay can vary from $500 a month to $5000 a month. Now, let’s see how sugar babies are paid. 

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There are types of payment systems sugar daddies use to pay sugar babies. 

  1. Monthly 
  2. Weekly 
  3. Per visit 

Sugar baby allowance

Monthly payment system

This is a situation where sugar babies have to wait for one month to receive their payment from sugar daddies. This is the old method that is still inside today. 

Paying sugar babies monthly creates more trust, and it also takes enough trust from both parties to agree on monthly payment.

Sugar baby allowance on monthly bases ranges from $1,500 to $3,000 if you are located in the less developed areas in the US. However, if you find yourself among the rich people, you will be earning from $4,000 to $10,000 monthly from your sugar daddy. 

Weekly payment system makes

Weekly system makes it easy for sugar babies to get their rewards. This popular system is dependent on what is agreed by both parties.

Most students use this system because they have to get their rewards faster because of many expenses they might have planned to use the funds to offset. 

The weekly pay ranges from $500 to $1000 if you reside in less developed parts of the United States, but the pay is as high as $2,000 to $5,000 if you are located in an area that has enough rich men. 

Per visit payment system

We can that this is the most popular—currently and that’s because it is immediate. So sugar babies can know exactly what they earn without waiting for a whole month. 

You can always take home $150 to $700 depending on your location and negotiating power. 

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Sugar baby allowance

How to increase your allowance as a sugar baby

  • Learn to negotiate like a pro; besides, it’s your time you are going to offer, so learn to trade it very well. 
  • Learn to offer massage. Your sugar daddy will appreciate it if you can make him feel even better when having you by his side, so try your best to always give him a nice massage.
  • Get closer and do the work of a normal girlfriend while maintaining your distance.
  • Help him do his shopping and see how he will love and appreciate you more. 


Sugar baby allowance is not fixed but based on many angles as we pointed out above. Remember to visit our blog for the latest updates on sugar daddies and sugar mummies

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