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Sugar baby allowance in ireland: How much they earn

Sugar baby allowance in Ireland can vary from place to place depending on the relationship style you agreed with your sugar daddy. 

Are you interested in knowing the exact amount sugar babies are paid in ireland? Or you are a rich sugar daddy, but you want to know much you will be spending on your sugar baby every month. I will reveal to you their actual payment and how they get paid. 

Sugar baby allowance in ireland

Sugar babies in Ireland get paid on a monthly and weekly basis. Some smart sugar babies get paid per a visit they made to their sugar daddy. 

Sugar babies in Ireland earn around €6, 500 to €10,000. Minimum wage earners should not be jealous of them because they put in more work to earn this much. It’s not easy to date a man in his 70s. 

However, it is important to note that some sugar babies don’t earn this much. Younger or student sugar babies may not have sex with their sugar daddy, so they will be earning less. 

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Allowance method also plays a role in determining what sugar babies earn. Not all of them get paid on a monthly basis. This will take us into looking at the method sugar daddies in Ireland use to pay their sugar babies. 

Sugar baby allowance methods 

Sugar baby allowance in ireland
Ireland sugar baby
  • Monthly sugar baby allowance
  • Weekly sugar baby allowance 
  • Sugar baby allowance per visit 

Monthly sugar baby allowance

You can make arrangements to get a monthly allowance from your sugar daddy. It will show that you both are interested in taking the relationship a bit further. 

You will earn €6,500 to €10,000 from your sugar daddy each month. If you think this amount is too small to receive from your sugar daddy then you can consult (sugar baby allowance calculator) it will show you how much you can expect from your sugar daddy. 

Weekly sugar baby allowance 

It can be fun when you get paid every week for taking care of your sugar daddy and caring for him dearly. 

Sugar babies get around €2,500 from their sugar daddy per week. The allowance here looks very encouraging. It can even get higher if you spend the weekend on vacation with your sugar daddy. 

Sugar baby allowance per visit 

You will get paid by your sugar daddy when you visit him. But sometimes, you may not get a sugar daddy that will want you to visit him. Just a chat with him. 

Sugar babies in Ireland earn around €500 per visit. You can earn more than this if you have a richer sugar daddy from Dublin or limerick. 

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If you cared to have sex with your sugar daddy, then you will probably get up to €1,000. 

Frequently asked questions

When to ask for money from sugar daddy

You should not be in a hurry to ask for financial support or gifts. You will introduce that when there’s a plan for you to visit him. 

How should a sugar daddy pay you?

You use payment gateways like PayPal or the traditional band transfer. 


Sugar baby allowance in Ireland is quoted to be above the minimum wage. That’s a welcome development because the risk of being a sugar baby is uncountable. 

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