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Sugar baby allowance in Zambia: Are they paid minimum wage?

Sugar baby allowance in Zambia is the amount of money Zambian sugar daddies are ready to pay their sugar babies for taking care of them. 

The amount can vary from place to place, one notable thing is that an average sugar baby earn more than most employees in Zambia. Owing to the risk involved in being a sugar baby, it’s understandable how they go home every month with huge amounts of money. 

What is sugar baby allowance in Zambia

Zambia sugar babies earn around $500 per month which does not include other gifts like cars and clothes. Some sugar babies even earn over $1,000 in Zambia. What determines your allowance is how well you can negotiate and whether your sugar baby is a rich man

If your sugar daddy is one of those men who come from Europe then you will earn higher than the base allowance. 

Sugar daddies who date popular ladies should note that they will be paying more allowance to her. 

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Sugar baby allowance methods 

There are three allowance methods that sugar daddies use to pay sugar babies in Zambia. Some will Pay you monthly while some will only agree to reward you every week. Tourists and other sugar daddies that won’t stay for long prefer paying per visit. In essence, you get paid each time you pay him a visit. 

Sugar baby allowance in Zambia

Monthly sugar baby allowance in Zambia 

You will earn $500 per month as a sugar baby in Zambia. However, if you have good social media followers to prove you are a celebrity, then you could earn over $1,000. 

Even average sugar babies who earn $500 are happy because it’s higher than the minimum wage

Weekly sugar baby allowance in Zambia 

When your sugar daddy doesn’t want to make the relationship a lasting one, he will only pay you on a weekly basis.

You stand to earn over $200 per week as a sugar baby in Zambia. 

Remember that Zambia sugar daddies will not pay you very well if you don’t have sex with them. 

Sugar baby allowance per visit 

Sugar babies who get paid each time they visit will make over $50 in Zambia. 

If you read other country’s allowance, you will see the huge difference which is as a result of the economic situation of Zambia. 

Frequently asked asked questions 

Do Zambian sugar daddies pay sugar babies? 

You will be paid allowance as a sugar baby in Zambia, but you get rewarded in other ways like gifts and expensive trips. 

How Can I get a rich Zambian sugar daddy? 

There are websites that can match you with rich sugar daddies in Zambia. 

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Who are Zambian sugar babies? 

They are young girls who date older men with the aim of Making money from them. 


Sugar baby allowance in Zambia can vary depending on the type of relationship you are looking for. If you are not ready to have sex then it’s of no gain looking for a sugar daddy here because you won’t make much money. But those ladies who don’t mind having sex experience with their lover will surely earn even over the $500 allowance base. 

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