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Sugar baby allowance in Nigeria – What you must know

 Sugar baby allowance in Nigeria is very high Now that social media has encouraged many young ladies to try out sugar daddy dating.

You can earn as high as N300,000 per visit and some ladies earn N50,000 per visit as it largely depends on your location.

Sugar baby allowance is the money they earn from performing their agreed role to their rich Nigerian sugar daddy.

The allowance can come as money and it can come as a gift sometimes. The popular trend these days is car gifts from sugar daddies who are happy with their sugar babies.

Some cities in Nigeria pay very high allowance while some cities pay very less.

Cities in Nigeria with high sugar baby allowance

Sugar baby allowance in Nigeria


Abuja sugar daddies

Sugar daddies in Abuja pay the highest because it is the administrative headquarters of Nigeria with many rich politicians. 

There are celebrity sugar babies in Abuja that can earn over N10 Million from sugar daddies in one month.

But you can’t expect to earn this high if you are just starting out. You will build your circles first before you can get wealthy sugar daddies that can pay that amount.

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Lagos sugar daddies

The City of Excellence has a very large number of rich sugar daddies that don’t mind buying even a Ferrari for their sugar babies. 

Sugar babies in Lagos earn around N5 Million in one month and some upcoming babies can average N500k in a single month.

The area you reside can determine how much you earn as a sugar baby in Lagos.

Wealthy neighborhoods like Victoria Island have the most successful men in Lagos which translates to more money for beautiful sugar babies. 

Port Harcourt sugar daddies

Sugar daddies in Port Harcourt are the most jealous sugar dads in Nigeria. 

They do not want to hear that someone is about to take away their sugar baby through increased allowance.

They offer around N3 million to sugar babies that can be very loyal to them.

Some sugar babies don’t earn this much as they tend to reward popular babies more than part time sugar babies. 

In addition, Port Harcourt sugar daddies place more interest on plus size sugar babies.

Owerri sugar daddies

There are more than 10,000 sugar daddies in Owerri that stretch from the indigenous people to rich men from other states that move to Owerri just to have fun.

N1.5 million is what sugar babies in Owerri earn on a monthly basis. The pay can be less if you don’t have many followers on social media or you lack bargaining skills.

Benin sugar daddies

You can earn over N1M in a month as a sugar baby in Benin City if you know how to connect with rich sugar daddies that can pay. 

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The allowance can go down to N500k in a month if you don’t have a celebrity vibe or you don’t know how to handle your sugar daddy perfectly.

Enugu sugar daddies

There are too many sugar daddies in Enugu but they kind of have a low budget in paying sugar babies.

But you can get a really wealthy Enugu based sugar daddy that can pay around N500k monthly.


You can earn from N500k to N10 Million Monthly as a sugar baby in Nigeria, but it depends on your city of residence. 

Some cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt pay very high and have sugar daddies that can pay very high but other states pay lesser.

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