Connie Kline Biography, Net Worth, Career, and Contact Details

Connie Kline is an American actress and model. She grew up living with her parents in Los Angeles and attended California College.

Connie Kline’s early life before marriage was unknown until she began dating her lover Jamie Fox. She fell in love with Eric Marlon Bishop, fondly called Jamie Foxx.

Consequently, the couple had a child called Corinne Marie Bishop. The duo is no longer dating. Her relationship with Jamie Foxx brought much fame, love, and personality to her life.

Jamie Foxx was a caring man, he ensured that Connie Kline and Corinne Marie Bishop were given the best things life could offer. Additionally, in the later ages of her life, she got involved in a lot of charity work around Los Angeles and Columbus. She was seen as a cheerful giver.

Quick Facts

  • Born: March 29th, 1969 Age:
  • Place of Birth: US California
  • Occupation: Actress-model, accountant
  • Sun Sign: Aquarius
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Children: 1
  • Education: College Graduate from California
  • Country of Origin: United State
  • Net Worth: 1 million US dollars
  • Awards: Not known
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Connie Kline Career

Connie Kline was a former high school teacher, and an accountant. She was a veteran US air force. Connie Kline was in the US Air Force for five years.

Connie joined the tax profession in 1992, which earned her over 25 years of experience as a licensed Enrolled Agent with the IR. She worked With CK financial where her duty was to prepare tax papers for clients.

Furthermore, her career was modeling, actress, accountant, and financial advisor who advises clients on taxation issues. Also, she was a teacher who taught in colleges and universities.

Connie Kline’s Net Worth

Connie Kline’s net worth is estimated at $ 1 million US dollars. Likewise, she earns while she served in the US air force for five years.

Awards and Nomination

She was nominated as the best serving accountant while serving in the US air force as well as the best teacher in college schools.

Connie Kline Notable Movies

In 1998 she starred in the video called “fantastic voyage”. She also featured in the “ALL star weekend” film, and lots more to mention.

Equally important, Connie Kline made her screen debut in the “Jamie Foxx” show at the tender age of six. She acted in a horror film named “47 meters unchanged” in 200

Contact Details of Connie Kline

Connie Kline was unknown on social media. And, she never had a social media account or micro-blog and anyone else could reach her via social media outlets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was Jamie Foxx Married to Connie Kline?

Connie Kline was not married to Jamie Fox, she was simply his ex-girlfriend.

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Does Jamie Foxx’s daughters have the same mother?

No, his two daughters are from different mothers. Corrine who is 27 is the daughter of Connie Kline, while Anelise Bishop (12) is the daughter of Kristin Grannis. Both Connie and Kristin were Jamie’s ex-girlfriends.

Who did Jamie Foxx have a child with?

Jamie Fox had a child his latest child, Aselise, 12, with Kristin Grannies.

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