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Sugar baby allowance in Enugu State – are they well paid?

Sugar baby allowance in Enugu State is one of the highest in the whole of South East Nigeria with some politicians paying over N2 million to their sugar babies.

Some sugar babies in this city earn over N2.5 million as professional sugar babies who take care of aging sugar daddies and rich politicians.

The sugar baby concept in Enugu state is an old thing That has been in existence since 90s because of the welcoming nature of the city

Enugu is a place of relaxation for most business men and wealthy billionaires around the Southern part of Nigeria.

Sugar babies who know how to play the game position themselves here to attract rich sugar daddies and politicians who come down to Enugu state to have fun.

Monthly allowance of sugar babies in Enugu state

Sugar babies who wait to be paid every month by their sugar daddies earn around N2 million. 

However, some sugar daddies in Enugu can pay around N500k in one. This is little when compared to what some of them earn in bigger cities like Lagos and Abuja.

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Weekly sugar baby allowance in Enugu

Some sugar daddies don’t wait till one before they can appreciate their sugar baby for how good they have been. 

So, they pay their sugar babies weekly allowance which is around N700k.

Though it’s only politicians that pay their sugar baby that amount.

Business men and other average sugar daddies pay N200k to their sugar baby every week in Enugu state.

It may be smaller but it is worth noting that these girls actually earn more than bank managers in Enugu state.

Sugar baby allowance per visit

Some big sugar babies don’t even give their sugar daddies the option of paying them on monthly or weekly bases. 

They expect to get their financial benefits immediately when they have performed their agreed obligations to their sugar daddy.

Sugar baby allowance per visit in Enugu state is around N150k and sometimes N70k.

The pay here is dependent on how well you can bargain with your sugar daddy to pay you, and how good you are to him.

When you are less valuable to your sugar daddy, he will not want to spend more on you, but if you know your game very well, you will be amazed how he will always surprise you With big gifts.

Sugar baby allowance in Enugu State
Enugu sugar baby

How to earn big allowance in Enugu as a sugar baby 

  • Don’t give attitude to your sugar daddy because he didn’t leave conventional relationships to get hooked-up with a sugar baby that gets moody all the time. 
  • Be a loyal girl to your sugar daddy. 
  • Find sugar daddies in Rich neighborhoods like GRA, Goshen Estate, Independent layouts, Golf Estate and New haven. 
  • Learn to be a masseuse to your sugar daddy. 
  • Be a friend to your sugar daddy and not just a lady hustling for money. 
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Sugar baby allowance in Enugu state is around N2 million with some politicians even paying and gifting cars to their sugar babies. 

This is not a fixed price since many other average sugar daddies pay N500k to their sugar babies in Enugu.

Remember to visit dailygam to learn more amazing facts about sugar daddies and sugar mummies in Enugu state.

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