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Sugar baby allowance in Philippines – what you should know

Sugar baby allowance in the Philippines is so high that even Civil service workers compete with them to earn higher monthly income.

The relationship between a sugar daddy and sugar baby in the Philippines is a consensual agreement which involves payment of monthly, weekly, or daily allowance to the sugar baby.

The agreement stands as far as both parties are not breaking the terms of their relationships.

What is a sugar baby allowance in the Philippines? 

Sugar baby allowance in Philippines
Finipino Sugar baby

 The amount of money a sugar daddy is supposed to give to his sugar baby as she performs her duty to him based on their agreement is called sugar baby allowance. 

Amount can be in different quotes since it largely depends on the city and some other factors involved in their sugar baby/daddy relationship.

The average payment a sugar baby takes home every month is around PHP 50,000 ($1,100)

Some sugar babies earn more than this amount, especially those that have politicians and western expatriates as their sugar daddies.

Monthly sugar baby allowance in Philippines

Sugar baby allowance per month in popular locations goes up to PHP 50,000 with other gifts included.

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Cities with less wealthy residents pay less, and the demand for sugar babies is also lesser when you compare to other big cities that pay very high with very high demand for sugar babies.

Weekly sugar baby allowance in Philippines

You cannot find sugar daddies that will agree to pay weekly in all cities in the Philippines, but the major cities do pay on weekly bases. 

Weekly allowance ranges from PHP 15,000 to 20,000. 

Sugar baby allowance per visit

This is the most popular currently since sugar daddies can just pay for the time they get visited by sugar babies instead of putting them on monthly or weekly allowance. 

Sugar babies can make from PHP 4,000 to 6,000 on each visit to their sugar daddy.

Payment can be lesser if they will not go intimate, just chit-chat with the sugar daddy or maybe accompany him to an event.

Sugar baby allowance by city 

Some cities in the Philippines have more billionaires who seek love from young girls than other small cities. 

Sugar baby allowance in Philippines

Makati city

This is the richest city in the Philippines and it can be seen on the kind of allowance they give out to their sugar babies. 

Sugar babies here can rake in PHP 100,000 in just one month. Only a few Company workers can earn up to that amount in one month.

Quezon City

There are many sugar daddies here who hustle to get the most beautiful sugar baby in the city.

This competition has driven up the allowance sugar babies earn in one month. Ranging from PHP 80,000 to 89,000.

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This densely populated area doesn’t only have a large number of wealthy sugar daddies.

There are also millionaire sugar babies who earn over PHP 60,000 to 79,000 on a monthly basis. 

One particular thing about this city is that sugar babies have the choice to reject advances from a sugar daddy since there are many other rich sugar daddies around.


Sugar baby allowance in the Philippines doesn’t actually have a certain maintained quota.

Your negotiation skills also play a role in determining what you earn.

However, a sugar baby can earn from PHP 50,000 to PHP 100,000 depending on the city of location and what you agree with your sugar daddy.

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