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6 Marriage Heat Romance Secrets Every Couple Must Know

Most couples forget about the last time they got intimate with their partners due to marriage heat – for example after marriage stress and the children. Those hot nights the couple used to enjoy before the children started coming now turn into boring sleepless nights.

While we have different post-marital engagements, we shouldn’t shy away from marriage intimacy. Marriage intimacy is more than just sex, so you should rather view it as a bond that ensures a continuing exciting, and fun-filled marriage.

So how do you make sure that romance doesn’t go away in your marriage? How can you, as a married couple, ensure that your marriage remains exciting?

Marriage Heat? What does it Mean?

Marriage heat romance is a situation where married couples try to maintain an affectionate and intimate romantic life. It is one of the ways people who are married spice up their union.

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Marriage is strengthened when both couples still keep their sexual appetite alive. All other aspects of a good marital union such as love, communication, respect, and trust cannot be complete without romance.

Spice Up Your Marriage with these 6 Marriage Heat Tips

The benefits of marriage heat romance can never be taken off the coasts. To point out a few, marriage heats helps in renewing intimacy, creating strong bonds, opening up ways for deeper conversations and so much more.

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Let’s look at five ways you can enhance your marriage heat romance:

1. Communicate

Communication strengthens marital bonds. Most couples communicate very well and openly when they are dating. In case you’ve lost out of the communication paradigm, you’ll need to get that intimacy back.

You can start with simple sexual communication, and then open up to more. But try and do it slowly, so as not to get overwhelmed.

2. Talk about your Fantasies

It is not an awkward thing for couples to discuss sexual fantasies. Your spouse is somebody you should be more comfortable with.

Talk about issues concerning role-playing, sex toys, different sex positions, and so on. These will lead to spontaneity in your marriage heat sex.

3. Increase the Touches

Intimacy in marriage encompasses more than just sex; it includes those salient touches as well. Need you to be advised, please ensure that your daily lives are spiced up with more touches.

It’s not all about sex all the time, these little touches do a lot of magic in steering marriage heat romance.

4. Dress Each other Up

Most couples stop dressing each other up after some time into the marriage. This is bad if you have been doing that.

Be a lifelong lover by taking your time to dress your spouse. Sometimes, woo them a little and see how they will build strong interest in you.

5. Go on Regular Dates

For those aspiring to ensure marriage heat romance, going on regular dates does it. Don’t assume that your marriage is too old and hence no need to go out on dates. Make it a habit to spend time with your spouse on dates.

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Rekindle the good old days and make memories last forever.

6. Early-to-bed Routine for Kids

Always ensure that the kids go to bed early. By ensuring an early-to-bed routine for the kids, you are creating more time to reconnect quietly with your partner.

Kids can be a disturbance, sometimes, and hence you’ll appreciate it when they take their naps early.


There is nothing that makes sex boring in marriage, as most people think. Marriage sex can get hotter and hotter over the years.

To ensure that you enjoy intimate sex years after marriage, all you need to understand are a couple of marriage heat sex tips. We have outlined some of the most notable styles for you.

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