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Scary signs you married a bi husband: What to do next

What are the signs that show you have a bi husband? Or you are a bi husband to your wife? I will explain everything to you in this article. 

Knowledge is Power, and it will help you navigate through the current problem you may be facing in your marriage. Some attitudes are not learnt but just a  result of natural engineering. 

What is bi husband?

They are simply husbands who have the same level of emotional attraction for both men and women. In essence, they feel an urge for women and men equally. 

It does not mean that he will not love his wife dearly, he just has deep love for men the same way he has love for his wife. 

Some false information have it that they are homosexuals which is not true. They are in between the lines. Not straight and can not be termed as homosexuals. Their level is balanced to accommodate feelings from men and women. 

It is important to note that if your husband like touching people of same sex, it does not mean that he is bisexual. Some personalities love hugging people, and having physical contact with men and women. However, their is no sexual attraction. It’s just the way they function. Continue reading because I will show you a very clear way to know a bisexual husband when you meet one. 

Bi husband
Bi husband

How can a man become a bi husband

There are some things that can force or lead someone to become a bisexual. However, some people are born that way. They didn’t choose it and nobody ever influenced them. 


When your husband was addicted to porn in his childhood or adolescent age. Perhaps he even watch man-on-man sex videos. This things can lead someone to becoming bisexual. 

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What we watch gets registered into our memory very easily, and you will start replaying it in your head when you are alone. That’s how it generates into something very big. 

If you have ever watched porn video, you will notice that when you are less busy or even in the middle of a meeting, that scene will start replying in your mind. If what you watched is a bisexual scene, then you will begin to like watching is little by little and as the time goes on, you will envision yourself practicing those things they do. 

Peer influence

Friends are a big influence on how people behave. When all your friends are bisexuals and they discuss about it in your presence, then very soon, you will start seeing some positive side of it. 

Another role of your peers can be when they force you to start the practice with them. 

Lack of guidance

When a boy is still young and the parents care less about the kind of contents he consumes. It  can be damaging in the long-term. You can’t allow your baby boy to do as he wishes. Those things parents look down on when their kids are young will later influence how they condition their life later on. 

Signs your husband is bisexual

Do you suspect you are married to a bi husband but you still haven’t found out more concrete evidence? Are you seeing evidence but you can’t conclude? Now, I will reveal to you some signs to watch out for in your husband’s lifestyle. 

Does he love anal more than vagina

Well, we can agree that choices differ. However, you should not take it lightly if your husband don’t have interest in vagina sex. 

Does he touch men inappropriately

Men that touch his fellow men carelessly are likely to be bisexuals. They may not have anal penetration, and that’s because they haven’t seen good chance for it. 

Have masculine lady friends

Men who fined musculine ladies attractive will also have the tendency of having sex with their fellow men. 

This is something you may be hearing for the first time, but it is a clear sign that you may be married to a bi husband. 

Does he have sex chat with men

Don’t take this sign lightly. It’s better for your husband to have this kind of chat with women than his fellow men. If your house is threatened by a man then you will be in a deeper mess than if it is threatened by your fellow lady. 

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Does he love man-on-man porn

When your husband finds satisfaction watching this kind of porn, then you should be worried. 

How to deal with bi husband 

He may not be offensive towards you but when he gets angry, he will not like to have sex with you. 

They can be caring since being a bi husband is not evil. In fact, They have massive love for their family. However, you need to do these things to make sure the marriage will not crash. 

  • Have a heart talk with him: things are not forced. You will need to have a heart to heart talk with him. Your husband is already an adult. So, he understands what he is doing, but discussing with him will let you know if you can still live with him or peacefully pack out. 
  • Talk him out of it: don’t just agree when he insinuates that it is not a problem. You can try giving him some reasons to abandon that lifestyle since he has a family. 
  • Persuade him to see a therapist: you can have a section with a good therapist. He may change after the encounter with a therapist. 
  • Enjoy normal intimacy with him: give him the best bedroom time that will force him to forget his men friends and stick to you. 


People can be bi husbands because of many depressive encounters they have experienced. You need to take it easy with him to avoid an unprecedented broken home. 

The truth is that you can live with bi husband without issues. Just simple understanding and compromise will be enough. 

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