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Relationship Therapy: 15 Sweet Love Letters for Her

If you have been in a long distance (in fact any kind of relationship), you will agree with me that creating sweet love letters for her can go a long way in putting a smile on her face. No doubt, there are people who are good at crafting love letters for her that make her cry.

Perhaps you are someone like me, a need a little help crafting out some romantic love letters, then look no further.

Whatever the occasion is, be it a wedding anniversary, her birthday, or any day you feel like making her feel special, these love letters can enhance your relationship and mend any broken links.

5 Best Love Letters for Her

To write the best love letters for her, you simply need to be real and pour out the feelings from your heart. The best way of achieving that is penning down whatever is in your mind. However, here are a few samples to get you started.

  1. Sweatheart,

I Hope this letter makes you smile. I appreciate your efforts aimed at holding this relationship in place, like an anchor. Yeah, we do argue sometimes, but it is normal. Our differences have kept our relationship strong, as every day we understand each other well.

2. The first day I laid my eyes on you was the first day I witnessed love. Seeing you in that purple dress, I knew I was ready to fly to the moon and back with you. I loved you then, I love you now, and will continue to love you till the end.

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3. I fell in love with my friend the day my friend fell in love with me. We started like two ignorant kids that like each other, but couldn’t actually place it. You changed my whole lifestyle the day I realized that you felt something deep for me. From that moment, I knew we were meant to be one.

4. I could only imagine what life is without you, my life in particular. Being without you in this life is far beyond my imaginary lines.

5. My pillar, my love, my honey, you opened my eyes to realize what my life’s purpose is. I promise to be a purpose for you to live. I love you.

Love Letters for her that make her cry

There are some love letters for her that can make her go emotional to the point of crying. Below are a few examples of love letters for her that make her cry:

  1. With all the challenges we have been through, you have stood by me. Words cannot express the gratitude I hold for you in my heart.
  2. When I had no job, you were there for me. when we had no money for groceries, you were there for me. I have no reason to doubt you’re always with me. I love you forever.
  3. Every passing day, I find myself loving and valuing you more. Do not worry about the little hinges, you will be fine. I hope you don’t regret any of your imperfections, they are what makes you perfect to me.
  4. the first day I met you, I wondered why God had to take me around the world before I could meet you. Well, it was a well-deserved journey, because, in the end, I met my soulmate, and together we lived happily ever after.
  5. A day in my life without you is definitely the day my life is no more.
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Sweet Love Letters for her

Below are 5 important sweet love letters for her:

  1. Love is beautiful because you are beautiful. I see your love far up above the sky, and when I look down I see it deeper than the oceans.
  2. To what can I compare your gentle heart? It shines brighter than the stars at night, and your soul glows like the radiant sun at midday.
  3. My heart beats twice faster than normal when I’m with you. My brain thinks twice faster and sharper when you are with me.
  4. Your smile alone is food to my stomach. It is a beautiful experience being with you, no matter the mood of the day. My true love and dream come true, I love you to the reality.
  5. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Sweetheart, if only you can see deep into my heart, you will understand how, in a gazillion words, I love you. has many more relationship tips for you. It is ok if you pick some of these love messages for her so that you keep treating her like the queen that she is.

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