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Signs he doesn’t love you anymore: Revive The love Now

Let me show you Signs he doesn’t love you anymore especially when you are having Strange friction in your relationship.

Are you seriously worried that your boyfriend or husband is already seeing another person? Or the love he had for you is now fading away? Continue reading as I will be showing you common Signs he doesn’t love you anymore.

You should note that your husband can be in a different mood when things are tough for him. Some men even stop talking to their wife or girlfriend when their business plan fails. There are many things that can influence men’s behavior towards their partner.

However, there are many men who change their attitudes toward their partner when they no longer have feelings for her. I will show you Signs to look out for in your husband to predict if he has no love again.

Signs he doesn’t love you anymore

Signs he doesn't love you anymore
Signs he doesn’t love you anymore

No more affection

When your husband or boyfriend stops doing those little but romantic things he usually does for you. Some of them include morning calls, goodnight messages, and goodnight kisses.

Maybe he usually serves you breakfast in bed or just prepares a cup of coffee for you, but he no longer does that for you anymore. You should be suspecting something fishy when you notice these.

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Spends more time outside alone

When your husband now seems like the most hardworking guy in his office. He will not come home on the normal time, and when you place a call he will complain of too much work that is not true.

He doesn’t have plans for the weekend again. The only time he can spare is now dedicated to hanging out with friends, and coming home late at night.

No more interest in conversation

When the banter is no longer there. Everything now looks serious and offensive when you try to choke with him. This is a very clear sign that love is no longer like it was before.

You will try to share plans for him to know his opinions but he shuts it out with anger, and negative energy.

See relationship as nothing

That your husband or boyfriend that has big reverence for love now sees everything as the most boring thing ever. This sign will be very clear to let you know that he may have started seeing someone else.

He will delete all the love stories in his phone, and show no interest in everything that has to do with affection. When you engage him with some simple conversation, he will only nod and continue with what he is doing.

What to do next?

When you see any of these Signs he doesn’t love you anymore. Follow these steps to fix things up with hope of reviving your relationship.

Investigate where the issue is coming from

Don’t just look at the problems. Make a thorough investigation to identify where the problem is coming from. And continue working with him to make things work.

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Talk to him

You should try to resolve things with him by calling his attention towards those areas he is falling short. Having a heart to heart discussion will make him reveal his anger, and you guys can proffer a position solution.

Involve therapist

This can help when he is just getting bored of the relationship.

Men do get bored of their partner which will make them start considering other ladies.

Try small changes together

When he reveals that he is bored of the relationship. Try some changes to the way you make love. Introduce new things that are capable of rekindling the love he had for you.


When you think something is wrong after looking at the “Signs he doesn’t love you anymore” I listed above. Be intentional and work things out with him. Remember that men do feel less need to romance when their business or work falls apart.

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