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My Husband Yells at Me: 9 Ways to Stop Him

My husband yells at me and I don’t like it, what should I do?

Dealing with the constant or occasional snapping and yelling from a spouse for any slight or expensive reason is one aspect of marriage that can intermittently reduce love and damage the relationship because of its psychological effect.

My Husband Yells at Me: Why Does He do that?

People yelling at each other is often a result of poor communication. Sometimes, yelling might not necessarily come as unhealthy. The moment it comes with criticism, contempt, and defensiveness, it becomes a problem.

The moment it escalates into a habit, then it’s time you take action to utterly stop the red flag or even reduce it to the barest minimum. 

Figure Out the Situation

If your husband is yelling, take time to make sense of the situation and think about what could trigger the yelling, it could have been irritation or stress, or perhaps you did something wrong and unacceptable. Once you analyze the situation, decide on the next step to take.

Stay Calm

The best thing to do after a confrontation is to remain calm as a dove. Yelling back would only worsen the situation and make the atmosphere tenser. That is one situation you don’t want the yelling to deteriorate too. Staying calm is the most intelligent way to get him settled and keep things under control.

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Calm him down

The next sensible thing after calming down is to get him calm too. Try this in the way you know best. Putting a smile across may work for a wife whose smile is infectious and calming, but it might not for others. Find your way to calm him down before discussing amicably with each other.

Devise other possible options to deal with the situation

If you feel things are not going well, try to think of other possible options to deal with the situation.

Have a Conversation

Now that the room is calmer, you can then discuss it amicably. Make your spouse know the harm his yelling does to you. Communicate things clearly and settle things more maturely. Cry out your fear of what the yelling might do to your relationship when he is in a good mood.

Set a Boundary

The yelling might continue if you do not take a stand. Make your spouse understand that you wouldn’t be tolerating the yelling. By doing so, he becomes more cautious, leading to a more healthy and amicable way of communicating things. Make eye contact with a broad smile and tell him how worried his behavior makes you.

Exercise Patience

Dealing with yelling from your husband can be draining and demanding.  Exercise patience, acknowledge his efforts, and make him see you care about him getting better.

Shower him with love, listen to his worries and acknowledge his feelings. It could go a long way to stop the yelling. Sometimes the yelling might be from an intense feeling of despair, sorrow, fear, and low self-esteem. Acknowledge these feelings, listen to his worries, and give him good pieces of advice and love.

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Accept The Reason Behind The Yelling

After identifying the cause of the yelling, which may be a result of a habit of yours, allow him to vent out his heart and try to understand everything from his point of view.

Suggest Therapy

Finally, suggest therapy for the issue. Most times yelling causes a lot of mental drainages, depression, and stress. If he agrees, be with him through it all, making him feel he is not alone.


While we have looked at some of the ways you can stop it when your husband yells at you, you also need to check yourself as a wife. Sometimes the cause of his actions can be from your part as a woman.

Check yourself, have you been driving him crazy?

Above all, love and care for him. It might be the ultimate solution to the problem. Cares!

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