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Passionate sex – How to really enjoy your relationship

Passionate sex with your lover does not only create a deep bond between the both of you but also make room for more happier relationship. 

Sex can be a boring work if you are experiencing it with one person for many times. This is where passion comes in. It will help move the process from just a chore to a memorable experience. 

Passionate sex in marriage 

Other encounter may be just one minute stand up sex at the bar or inside the car. However, sex in marriage should be well done to avoid cases of other partner looking for it elsewhere. 

Initiate passion-filled love making that your partner will enjoy to the fullest. 

There are ways to do these which I will reveal to you next. 

How to have passionate sex

Passionate sex
Passionate sex


  • Create the atmosphere before sex time 

You don’t just push your partner on the bed, and start tearing out their clothes without introducing a very palatable atmosphere. Sex is not a work. It is to be enjoyed

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You must learn how to build that emotional connection before you go into passionate sex. You can start from the dining table discussion, or present a sexy story to your partner. 

  • Learn how to satisfy your partner 

Knowledge is important in every relationship. It will pay out very well if you can spend some good time in learning about your partners sexual needs. The steps here start by letting them know how you enjoy good sex, and they can then reveal themselves to you. 

When you are done with the sexual encounter with your partner. Remember to chat with them about it. Ask them the style they enjoyed the most and also tell them what you loved most. 

  • What do they find Romantic

The way you go about this is to watch how their body moves and their reaction. Passionate sex starts from a very nice romance, and you must know what really turns your partner ON. 

People have different ways they react to kissing, touching, hugging, cuddling and massaging. 

Maybe it’s even lighting candles or telling them some sweet and sexy stuff. When you find this out, it will be very easy to initiate passionate sexual encounter. 

  • Try to touch many parts their body 

Women and men have many erogenous zones that can turn things around during sex time. If they give you permission, try to touch some of these zones, like arms, back, neck, thighs, belly, buttocks and other zones. 

Little spank can do a great job or you gently massage or kiss those zones one at a time to see their feelings. 

  • Deep eye contact 

There’s this saying that 30 seconds of continuous eye contact will leave more impression than one hour of phone call. This premise works very well when try to Kindle atmosphere for passionate sex.

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Eye contact will make your partner open up themselves and get emotionally ready for the moment. 

  • Dress up for the moment 

It’s not weird. People get turned on when they see their partner in a certain attire. 

Some men will get ready for that passionate sex moment when their partner get dressed in a red gown. Some people also love the toys sex dress as it moves them. 


Having a passionate sex with your partner always will make them your relationship with them get stronger. Love making should be enjoyed by both parties involved, so you must be intentional when looking for ways to make things work out for you. Read more relationship tips on dailygam

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