Who is Rosalie Jean Willis?

Rosalie Jean Willis was Charles Manson’s first wife. She encountered dilemmas all through her life when she lost all of her kids in her lifetime. Charles Manon nonetheless survived to see the latter of his days and Rosalie outlived them all.

She wouldn’t have believed in a million years that her first partner, Charles Manson, would go on a brutal rampage by paving his path from their nuptial happiness.

He is now considered one of the most destructive and inhumane personalities to have graced the earth, but he too was once a proper married man.
It also looks like Rosalie was fated for awful felicity from the outset. Charles Manson was her first spouse whom she unite when she was only fifteen years of age.

This was all before his motivation which came from The Beatles would result in the Helter Skelter catchphrase and the massacres of Sharon Tate which would end the hippie era.

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Rosalie Willis was born on the 28th of January, in the year 1937. She grew up in the city of Benwood, West Virginia in the United States, and was the third (3) child of Clarence ‘ the Cowboy’ Willis who is the father and Virginia McNich who is the mother.

She has two (2) sister siblings namely Amy And Eileen and she also had a brother called Clarence Willis. Rosalie was sad to see her parents divorce at a very young age. Her dad was a coal miner.

In the year 1954 saw Charles Manson living nearby Charleston, West Virginia with his mum, Kathleen Maddox. Somewhere down the line, Rosalie’s father Clarence ‘Cowboy’ met a young man the age 20 called Charles Manson. The boy befriended the father and things aviate from there.

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Quick Fact About Rosalie Jean Willis

  • Full name: Rosalie Jean Willis
  • Famous as: Charles Manson’s first wife
  • Gender: male
  • Date of birth: 27th January 1937
  • Place of birth: West Virginia, USA
  • Martial status: Married
  • Religion: Christan
  • Nationality: American
  • Children: 2 ( Karrueche, Raymond)
  • Grandchildren: None
  • Father: Clearance Willis
  • Mother: Virginia McNish
  • Cause of Death: Lung Cancer

Rosalie Jean Willis Education

Nothing much much is known about her educational background citing the fact that her family were in chaos, and the father didn’t have the required love to send her daughter to school.

Rosalie Jean Willis Career

She was sad to see her family break apart. This insight the zeal into Rosalie to start catering for herself as she felt nobody cares for her. When their father was working as a coal miner, she took up a less-paid job in the hospital to become a waitress and a cleaner as she could save money and keep up with herself.

Rosalie Jean Willis Net Income

As of the time of this publication, they are no official reports about her net worth. Further information on that will be updated here in dailygam.

Rosalie Jean Willis Relationship

Manson and Jean met at an Irish bar. The two got married in January in the year 1955 when she was only fifteen (15) years of age, wherein Manson was twenty (20) years of age. While married, Manson assisted his family through rare jobs and snatching cars.

When the newly wedded wife was three (3) months pregnant, they agreed to relocate to California, where her mother-in-law resided. While there, Manson was apprehended with robbery charges after he was found driving a stolen vehicle. He was jailed. she went to visit him at times with their infant, Charles Manson Jr. After a while, she began to see Jack White. Their marriage ended in 1958 when the two finally got separated while he was yet in jail.

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Rosalie Jean Willis Charles Manson Jr was housed by Jack, with whom she eventually started a family and had two of his kids. With him and lasting, she got married, to Warren Howard “Jack” Handley. Her life turned upside down when she lost all her children at different time intervals.

About Rosalie Jean Willis’s Death.

With the demise of her offspring and third spouse, Rosalie Jean Willis was left in grief and trauma. She was later on diagnosed to have lung cancer, and she battled the fair war. Nonetheless, she died to it on the 21st of August 2009, departing at the age of seventy (70) years of age. Rosalie Jean Willis Find a grave reveals that she was laid to rest in Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Boulder City, Clark County, Nevada, USA.


What killed Rosalie Jean Willis?

She was diagnosed with lung cancer which eventually killed her.

How old was Rosalie Jean before her death?

She was 70 years old before her death.

Who is the first husband of Rosalie Jean Willis?

Charles Manson was the first husband of Rosalie whom she had a child with.


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